The main features and maintenance of Dekcel laser marker for sale
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The main features and maintenance of Dekcel laser marker for sale

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The main features and maintenance of Dekcel laser marker for sale

Jinan Dekcel cnc company has been keen developing cnc laser machines, especially for the development of laser marking machine for metal and nonmetal. What is laser marking machine? I am sure a lot of people can guess the meaning from the characters literally. But do you know how wide does this China quality laser marking machine apply to? Be relax, Dekcel is going to offer a detailed information for you. 

The working principle of laser marking machine is using laser beam to mark signs on the surfaces of different materials permanently. Dekcel laser markers are mainly divided into fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, Semi-conductor laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine. At present, Dekcel laser marker of different laser powers is mainly used in some occasions requiring more accurate and fine features. Normally, Dekcel cnc laser marker is used in electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, mobile phone communications, hardware, tool accessories, precision instruments, watches, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipe etc. There are main figures and configuration of Dekcel laser marker with various laser powers.

# working area: 100*100mm/200*200mm/300*300mm

# Generator: Fiber: 10w 20w 30w 50w laser Generator

Co2: 30w 80w 

# High speed galvanometer and field lens 

# Aluminum alloy field table

# Cooling system:air cooling system

# Control system: Beijing JCZ brand

# Software: Ezcad

Comparison of different labeling methods

Compared with the ink jet marking method, the advantages of laser marking machine of Dekcel are: the wide range of applications, many kinds of materials (metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, leather and so on) can be permanently labeled with high quality. No force on the surface of the work piece, no mechanical deformation and no corrosion on the surface of the material.

The comparison between marking approaches in Graphic

Marking method                    Marking speed                             performance                     Durability

Laser markingfast                   Good&stable                               Lasting permanently         Long time

Chemical corrosion                Relative fast                                  good                                 Long time

Photography corrosion          Relative fast                                  good                                 Long time

Ink jet printing                       fast                                                 bad                                  Short time

Mechanical indentation         fast                                                 bad                                   Long time

Rapid melting                        fast                                                 good                                 Long time

Pneumatic punching             Medium speed                               Relative good                   Short time

Applicable range of China Dekcel laser marker for metal nonmetal

A variety of non-metallic materials can be marked. The fiber and co2 laser marking machine are used for clothing accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, wine packaging, building ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplate, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries.

Generally speaking, the co2 and fiber laser marking machine are used in electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, mobile phone communications, hardware, tool accessories, precision instruments, watches, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipe, medical equipment and other industries.

For applicable materials: ordinary metals and alloys (iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other metal), rare metals and alloys (gold, silver, titanium), metal oxide (metal oxide can), special surface treatment (phosphate, aluminum anodizing, electroplating, surface material (ABS) electrical appliances housing, commodity), ink (keypad, printing), epoxy resin (electronic components packaging, insulation layer).

The classifications of laser marking machine in Dekcel

According to different laser generators, laser marking machine can be divided into: CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine. According to the different laser visibility, quality laser markers are divided into: UV laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, infrared laser marking machine;,according to the different laser wavelength, laser marking machine of Dekcel can be divided into: deep ultraviolet laser marking machine (below 200 nm), UV laser marking machine (355nm), green laser marking machine (532nm), YAG lamp pump laser marking machine (1064nm), diode side pumped YAG laser marking machine, diode end pumped YAG laser marking machine (1064nm), fiber laser marking machine (1064nm), CO2 laser marking machine (10.64um).

But, with the rapid development of technology, now fiber, co2 laser marking machines are the most popular kinds around the world. Dekcel will discuss them in the floowing passage.

Fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine mainly configurations: fiber laser generator, high speed scanning galvanometer, marking software, industrial control computer and electric control cabinet. Among them, fiber laser generator is the main core component.

The advantages of Dekcle fiber laser marking machine: it is the most advanced laser marking equipment with good beam quality, small volume, high speed, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance etc, which widely used in marking graphics and text fields of integrated circuit chip, computer accessories, industrial bearings, watches, electronic and telecommunication products, aerospace devices, auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools, moulds, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco and military things, and mass production line.

What’s more, Mopa fiber laser marking machine is designed to mark color on stainless steel. Just like the following pictures.

mopa fiber laser marking machine for stainless steel.jpg

Co2 laser marking machine

CO2 laser marking machine mainly consists CO2 laser generator, 10.64 field lens, CO2 laser power, scanning galvanometer, computer control, laser control card, laser control software, laser machine, laser circulating water system and electric control system parts.

Dekcel CO2 laser marking machine main features: small size but with high degree of integration. The co2 laser marker is suitable for marking large numbers of non-metallic materials, such as paper packaging, plastic products, non-metallic labels, leather fabrics, glass ceramics, resin plastics, bamboo and wood products, PCB boards and so on.

Of course, except normal size and normal laser power, co2 laser marking machine also has some very different types. For example, large scale(600*600mm, 1500*1500mm working size)co2 laser marker with 100w, 180w laser generator for paper cutting decoration, fabric arts etc. All in all, no matter how different and large the machine is, Dekcel all can customize it for you.


The maintenance of laser marking machine produced by Dekcel cnc company

Standard maintenance stuff:

A. acetone: 99.5% purity, water capacity of less than 0.3%, a bottle of 500ml.

B. cotton: 5 pack.

C. 500ml, more than 99.5% purity alcohol.

D. lens paper: 5.

E. blowing ball: 1.

F. a needle dropper (medical). glass: 200 x 300 x 20mm.

H. Ink stone (red): 1.

I. cotton stick: two bags.

Note: It is a must to close the main “start/off” switch to close the laser marking machine and take off the key. Operators of cleaning laser markers are expected to strictly comply with the cleaning rules to avoid the appearance of accident.

1. Lubrication and maintenance of Dekcel quality laser markers:

It is the precise to use the most proper lubricant to make a professional lubrication and maintain the quality of the machine tools , which could avoid the running failures and unexpected bad consequences. In this sense, attention should be paid to the following considerations.

Before the machine is put into operation, operators must carefully lubricate the laser marking machine according to the instructions. If the machine tool has not been used for a long time (such as ocean transportation), the lubrication of the whole machine tool must be checked.

2.Cleaning and maintenance:

The notifications: it is a must to clean the whole laser marking machine regularly. For obvious dust and stain, we could wipe them or use dust collector to eliminate them.

Hope this article will help you. If you have any questions about wood carving cnc router price and qualities, please contact us as soon as possible. Jinan Dekcel Cnc Euipment Co., Ltd will always be there for you.

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