The daily maintenance of cnc laser marking machine
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The daily maintenance of cnc laser marking machine

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The daily maintenance of cnc laser marking machine

The daily maintenance of cnc laser marking machine

 Compared with other laser processing technology,such as laser cutting,laser welding,laser heat treatment,laser rapid prototyping,etc.Laser marking is currently the most widely used and mature technology in laser processing field.So how to maintain the cnc laser marking machine in good condition and keep it working with high-precision for long hours? You can take into these following tips into consideration.

 As to laser marking machine during the processing,you should pay attention to at least eight notes:

 1.To keep machine indoor and its surface clean and tidy.

 2.To check all the optical lens regularly to see whether they are dirty or not (check frequency depends on the working environment).If the lens are dirty,you need to scrub them immediately. Scrub method: before the lens cleaning, prohibited changing any protection circuit and main parts of cnc laser marking machine;cleaning the lens very carefully with 95% ethyl alcohol.

 3.It is strictly prohibited to start the laser power supply water under the circumstances of no water cycling or water cycling not smoothly.

 4.If appears abnormal phenomenon,you need to turn off the galvanometer switch and key switch first,and then go check.

 5.Keep the side of laser power output(anode) floating,to prevent ignition with other electrical equipments.

 6.Keep the inner circulating water clean.Regularly clean the water tank and change the water with deionized water or pure water.

 7.It is not allowed to start other components before lightening the krypton lamp,to prevent high pressure fleeing into the components and damage these components.


During the processing period,you should comply with the above rules,operate laser marking machines correctly,so as to extend the equipment service lifetime,reduce costs and create more profits for your esteemed company.

 Thanks for your time.

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