China UV laser marking machine manufacturer
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China UV laser marking machine manufacturer

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China UV laser marking machine manufacturer

UV laser marking machineis a high performance laser marking machine in the Dekcel laser marking machine series.

The UV laser marking machine mainly uses a UV laser generator with 355nm wavelength as the core component, and cooperates with the third-order intracavity frequency multiplication technology to integrate a high-performance UV marking machine developed by international advanced technology.The biggest feature of this model is the laser focusing spot is extremely small, and it has almost no influence on the surface of the processed object during processing. It is very suitable for high-precision 3C products laser marking.

Compared with traditional laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines have the following advantages:

1, Can suppress damage to the product and use very small spot for fine marking.

2, The UV laser marking machine is cold processing, small impact area.

3. The spot diameter of the laser is greatly affected by the wavelength of light. The UV wavelength (355 nm) is 1/3 of the fundamental wavelength (1064 nm),it reduce the spot size, and in a limited space can doing engraving job.

4, high efficiency, high precision, without any consumables.

5, The maintenance cost is low, working performance is very stable.

Application industry:

Mainly used in the ultra-fine processing high-end market, surface marking of packaging bottles for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods and other polymer materials; lexible PCB boards marking; micro-hole and blind hole processing,LCD liquid crystal glass QR code marking, glassware marking, metal surface plating removal, plastic buttons, electronic components, communication equipment, etc.

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