UV laser marking machine 5W for sale with protection cover
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UV laser marking machine 5W for sale with protection cover

Hot sale UV laser marking machine 5W is a kind of cold light, mainly used in super precise marking and engraving, particularly suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging material marking, micro punching, glass high-speed dividing, silicon wafer complex graphics cutting, etc.
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UV laser marking machine is the world's most advanced laser marking equipment.It can be widely used in various lines and high-speed static marking and flying marking industry to meet a variety of high-precision,high-efficiency laser marking needs, using the world's leading fiber lasers and imported spare parts,high marking precision,speed fast, stable performance, long time service life.

Main Features of  UV 5W laser marking machine                                                   
High-fine quality marking
Adopting diode side- pump laser as pump source, provide good beam quality .
Marking head with high-precision gavol , it can get good quality effect and repeat marking.
Whole sealing optical system and  constant temperature,which make the whole equipment more stable, output facula diameter is smaller.

Widely applicable fields
Maximum 7000mm/s marking speed make the processing efficiency
Special suitable for high precision and high speed marking .
Suitable to mark on all kinds of metal and partial nonmetallic material.
Can be obtained the underlying function of online flying marking and rotary marking through the mix parts.

Flexible and convenient operating system
Humanized operation,stable running
Special  control software is compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and other software output
It can realized automatic edition and correction of characters, signs, graphs, images, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, automatically increased serial numbers
It can support various file formats like PLT,PCX,DXP,BMP,JPG and so on.

Low running and maintenance cost
Long life ,stable performance and maintenance –free.
Good stabilization 
Electro-optical conversion efficiency, saving electricity costs. 
Small, space-saving. 

(1) UV laser marking machine is designed by our talented designer who has many years work experience. Mature technology of design ensures good attenuation resistance and shock resistance of laser. The exquisite seal design can make the pressure inside and outside different to avoid any dust. At the same time, effectively reduce the laser radiation to human body.  
(2) Most of laser power supply and power supply control chip adopt foreign brands, the power switch used Taiwan brands, all these guarantee the stability of the machine to a large extent. 
(3) This machine can only be operated by key and urgent stop switch at the control of integration of intelligent software. Humanized operation process produces less damage due to wrong operation and other accidental issues.  
(4) Continuous operation for 24 hours meet the needs of industrialized mass production of online or offline.  

Technial Specification of UV laser marking machine



Laser type/Wavelength


Laser power





Beam quality M2


Pulse width



20kHz ~ 100kHz

Pulse repetition frequency


Power stability>4h

+/-3% rms

Peak power


Marking size

100mm x 100mm
180mm x 180mm or Order

Marking depth


Marking speed


Marking width Min


Marking character Min


Power total


Working Temp.

10 - 30℃

Power supply

AC 220V/50Hz



marking head of UV laser marking machine

uv laser marking machine control

uv laser marking machine open switch

UV laser marking machine water chiller

focus lens of UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine 5W

Applicable Area and Material 
(1) UV laser marking machine is widely used in electronic components, battery chargers, electric wire, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories (mobile phone screen, LCD screen) and communication products. 
(2) Automobile and motorcycle spare parts, auto glass, instrument appliance, optical device, aerospace, military industry products, hardware machinery, tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, sanitary ware. 
(3) Pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetics industry. 
(4) Glass, crystal products, arts and crafts of surface and internal thin film etching, ceramic cutting or engraving, clocks and watches and glasses. 
(5) It can be marked on polymer material, majority of the metal and non-metallic materials for surface processing and coating film processing, pervious to light polymer materials, plastic, fire prevention materials etc..
UV laser marking machine cutting leather
uv laser marking machine samples

UV laser marking multicrystalline silicon slice

UV laser marking plastic

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