The matters needing attention when use of cnc router
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The matters needing attention when use of cnc router

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The matters needing attention when use of cnc router

Before using theCNC router , you should carefully read the machine user manual and other relevant information in order to correctly operate the cnc router, and note the following:

(1) The operator and maintenance person must be master the appropriate  cnc router expertise or had technical training, and must be operate machine according to safety regulations;

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(2) Make sure the cnc router main power switch has been turned off before opening the electrical cabinet door. Only professional maintenance person are allowed to open the electric door to power maintenance;

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(3) In addition to some parameters for users to use can be changed, the other system parameters, spindle parameters, servo parameters, the user can not privately modify, Otherwise will bring equipment, parts and other injuries to cnc router operator;

Dekcel wood cnc router

(4) After the parameters are modified, the machine can be locked with the cnc router without the tool and workpiece, and test run can be performed in single block. After confirming cnc router is working properly can go on use.

Dekcel router control system

(5) Machine PLC program is cnc router weihong control system manufacturers design according to requirement, do not need to modify. Incorrect modification may cause damage to the machine or even damage the operator;

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(6) It is recommended that the cnc router run continuously for up to 24 hours. If the continuous operation time too long, the life of the electrical system and some mechanical devices will be affected, which will affect the accuracy of the cnc router.Keep the cnc engraving router machine clean, maintain cnc engraving router regularly and repair and change the damaged parts timely.

(7) Cnc router all connectors, are not allowed to pull, insert operation, otherwise it will cause serious consequences. 

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