One Secret About Wood Cnc Router Only A Handful Of People Know.
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One Secret About Wood Cnc Router Only A Handful Of People Know.

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One Secret About Wood Cnc Router Only A Handful Of People Know.

One Secret About Wood Cnc Router Only A Handful Of People Know.

Many customers don’t understand the control system of wood cnc router machine, this article we will introduce the difference and advantages of control system of cnc router for wood engraver machine which we used commonly.


For examples, the DSP controller wood cnc router and NC studio controller wood cnc machine. DSP and NC studio have their own advantages. DSP control system don’t need connect to PC. It included three parts, control card, U disk and handle controller. When you set the tool path by the software(Artcam, Type3, ect), then copy it to U disk, then insert U disk to control card. The tool path will show in the hand controller, you can control the tool to cut or engrave.


DSP is easy to operate and learn, especially for the freshman. But it can’t show the whole Manufacturing process. In order to see the tool path and toll position on the PC screen pretty when setting up a job, you can choose the NC studio control system.


The whole NC studio control system include one control card installed into control box, and one disk which in your PC. Then control the whole machine move(include X axis move left and right, Y axis move back and forth, Z axis move up and down).

If you want to leave the PC far, you can choose the DSP controller, but if you want to see the all the job process, NC is best option.


NK105, now we have upgrade our DSP control system, NK105 response more quickly than the common controller, this type of control system is widely used the interactive control system with friendly operate interface, now is more popular in the market.


After reading this article, do you know the features of control system of woodworking engraver cnc router machine. So when you purchase the best wooden crafts engraver cutter router, it is important for you to understand the controller of cnc engraving cutting machine.


Therefor, if you are interested in our wood cnc router, or have any question about the cnc woodworking engraving cutting machine, please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are are support service 24 hours online.


Thanks for your reading time.


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