Five Things That You Never Expect On Wood Cnc Router.
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Five Things That You Never Expect On Wood Cnc Router.

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Five Things That You Never Expect On Wood Cnc Router.

Five Things That You Never Expect On Wood Cnc Router.

When using the cnc engraving machine, what should we pay attention to? How to use best woodworking carving router machine better? Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company will introduce five things that you never expect on wood cnc router. The machine can not work in strong acid and strong alkali environment.


1. Working environment: as a China wood cnc router user, you should keep the workroom clean. The bad working environment of woodworking carving cnc machine is easy to cause accidents.

2. Unreasonable use: As we all know, the high speed wood carving cutting machines have higher processing efficiency, better effect and better safety if we use it according to the reasonable working process allowed by the system. Don't use the small power spindle to process complex work and don’t use unsuitable cutting tools.

3. Improper maintenance: keep the cnc equipment clean and regular maintenance, to give full play to the performance of the cnc machine and prolong its service life. Timely lubrication and regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the safety and reliability of the whole woodworking carver cnc router machine.

4. Don’t cut off the power supply in time: when the cutting tool is replaced, the operator of cnc wood carving machine must cut off the power supply of spindle motor in time. When the processing material is replaced, the power supply of the cnc carving equipment must be cut off.

5. Voltage is unstable: the voltage should be stable to avoid large fluctuations, the best use of the voltage regulator.

So if you are interested in our cheap wood door cnc router, or have any question about economical wood furniture carver machine. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company, we are support service 24 hours online.


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