Eight prominent advantages for cnc laser marking machine
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Eight prominent advantages for cnc laser marking machine

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Eight prominent advantages for cnc laser marking machine

Eight prominent advantages for laser marking machine

Laser marking technology has been widely applied in the field of printing in recent years.Laser marking can be used to mark on plastics, glass, acrylic, crystal, leather, rubber,metal, paper, cloth,fabri,silicon wafers and so on.Compared with traditional mechanical engraving,printing, ink printing,chemical corrosion etc,laser marking,controlled by computer system,can be operated flexibility.Most importantly,the markers are permanent if printed by laser on the surface of material.Currently,in field of printing industry, laser marking has occupied 90% of this market.  

The reason why Laser marking occupy such a large share can owe to the following eight advantages:

1.permanence:the marks will not fade due to environmental factors (acid gas,alkali gas,high temperature or low temperature etc).

2.Anti-falsification and security: the marks carved by laser marking technology are not easy to imitate and change.To a great extent,laser marking has a strong security and anti-falsification.

3.non-touching: laser marking makes use of non-mechanical "light knife" to print marks on materials without producing any internal stress to the processed materials,to ensure the accuracy and precision.No corrosion,no "tool" wear,no poison,no pollution on the working surface.

4.wide application:by the means of laser marking,you can realize printing markers on all kinds of materials,including metal(aluminum,copper,iron,stainless steel) and non-metallic materials (wood,paper, plastics,glass,acrylic,crystal,leather,rubber,cloth,fabric,etc.) 

5. high precision: laser marking on materials with fine patterns,the minimum line width is up to 0.04mm.The marks are clear,elaborate,durable and beautiful. Laser marking can meet the need of marking on a large number of products in short time. For example, you can print a two-dimensional bar code by laser marking which can supply more accurate and clear printing and have stronger competitiveness in printing market than imprint or jet marking.

6.low operating costs: with high marking speed and low energy consumption,thus laser marking has low operating costs.Although the laser marking machine is a little bit expensive than the traditional marking equipment,but as to the operating costs,laser marking machine is much lower.

7.high efficiency: controlled by computer,the laser beam can be moved at high speed(speed up to 5 to 7 m/s),marking process can be completed only in a few seconds.

8.fast design changing: As a result of the combination of laser technology and computer technology,as long as the users make program ready,they can change the printing design at any time.

When printing any marks,it is wise to choose laser marking machine. When buy a laser marking machine,it is smart to chooseDekcel cnc equipment company.

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