Company Introduction! Dekcel China cnc laser cutting machine manufacturer
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Company Introduction! Dekcel China cnc laser cutting machine manufacturer

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Company Introduction! Dekcel China cnc laser cutting machine manufacturer

Dekcel cnc equipment company is located at Jinan,Shandong province,engaging in cnc laser machines for years. We Dekcel cnc machines cover nonmetal cnc laser machines, includes co2 laser cutting machine,cnc laser engraving machine, and laser cutting machine for metal,Furthermore, as a professional China cnc laser manufactures,we also provide customized laser cnc service on cnc laser cutter table size,cnc laser machinery color.

How many models of cnc laser you can provide?

As for Dekcel cnc laser supplier,it can be divided into nonmetal cnc laser cutter engraver,includes acrylic laser cutting machine,acrylic laser engraving machine,laser wood cutter for sale,plastic engraving machine,laser cutter for die board,foam laser cutter,laser cutting plywood machine,fabric laser cutting machine,laser cut paper,pvc laser cutter,marble laser engraving machine,laser engraver for granite etc. As to laser cut metal machines,there are steel laser cutting machine for sale,laser cutter for aluminum,laser cutter for carbon steel, stainless steel cutting laser machine etc. All these sheet metal cutting machine laser tube power is at least 150w.

How about your industrial laser cutter engraver price and co2 laser machine quality?

As to the cnc laser machinery quality,you can totally trust us.For all of the laser cutting engraving for sale are equipped with high quality cnc components,such as we will adopts Hiwin square guide rails and Reci laser tube,Leadshine stepper motors or Japanese Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motors and drivers,anti-corrosion laser machine bed,USB offline,Ruida control system or TroCUT control system for you to choose,etc. All of these parts are of high quality,for these are famous brand or even imported ones,to make sure the keep in good condition and performance working for a long long time. Although Dekcel cutting lasers for sale and cnc laser engraving machine is of top quality,our laser cutter and engraver machine cost is not big at all. We have workers to pay,we have components to buy from other factories,we have big water and electricity bills to pay, we have big cost indeed. But faced with the fierce competition of laser cnc market, we have to low down the price,only making a little profits from our co2 laser engraver machine for sale in quantity. We are aimed at having a long-term cooperation with any potential clients all over the world.

How about  laser cutting service or laser engraving service?

We provide one year guarantee for the whole machines,except the consumables,such as laser tube and mirrors and lens,etc. 24 hours online support for answer your problems you may encounter during industrial laser engraving machine processing.Lifetime maintenance free of charge.If necessary,we can send our engineers to your factory to fix the problems or install or adjust the laser cutting system or laser engraving system. 

If i want to buy a cnc laser,what i have to do?

Please tell us what you plan to do by this cnc 3d laser cutter? How about the cutting and engraving depth of wood,MDF,acrylic,double-color plate etc. Which kind of cnc laser table you prefered? Any special requirments for industrial laser cutter engraver?Do you need to add a rotary device or not?

Thanks for your time. Looking forward to cooperate with you.

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