Advantages of laser marking technology in automobile industry
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Advantages of laser marking technology in automobile industry

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Advantages of laser marking technology in automobile industry

Advantages of laser marking technology in automobile industry

Now, the 30w laser marking cnc technology is more and more used in car industry. The metal nonmetal marking machine users choose the plastic marking cnc or stainless steel marking laser machine for their work.

Every day, the world's top automotive engineering experts are thinking about the question of how to make cars safer? How to make the car easier to manufacture? How to make the car as a whole and even each component more beautiful and sophisticated? How to reduce energy consumption and cost in automobile manufacturing? This article. The Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company will introduce how to resolve those questions to use the China laser marking machine. I think that our economical cnc laser marker of Jinan Dekcel Cnc equipment Company will not let you down.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, new processing technology and methods are provided new way of laser technology to solve the above problems. As one of the most important inventions in this century, the laser soon after birth was known as the "problem solving tool". The laser marking technology has huge market potential in the field of industrial manufacturing.

The automotive industry is facing a revolution, auto parts industry is from mass production to small batch and diversified production mode over manufacturing. The high speed laser marker cnc has played an important role in this change.

Today, laser technology has been widely used in "marking, cutting, drilling, welding, heat treatment, precision trimming precision, weight" and other fields. The following, we will mainly introduce laser marking technology in car industry.

The laser marking technology as biggest application areas of laser, with its unique advantages quickly replaced the traditional processing, chemical corrosion marking, screen printing mark, mark casting". And the 30w cnc laser marker has become of industrial manufacturing field mainstream.

30w Laser marking in car industry

Laser marking technology has the following advantages

(1): Permanence. the mark will not fade due to time, environment and other elements of the change. The marking effect is difficult to imitate and change and have relatively strong anti fake function. Therefore, in the automotive industry, laser marking has the quite obvious advantage

(2): Non-contact processing. the laser marking cnc machine is non-contact processing. So, the laser marker does not have any effect for the materials, but also eliminate the chemical pollution and noise pollution.

(3): Strong adaptability. the high precision laser marker can be mark nonmetal and metal materials. Because the use of computer intelligent control, laser marking equipment can rapidly

(4): The effect of the mark is extremely fine. the spot diameter after focusing is minimum, and can reach 0.01 mm or even smaller, so the marking effect is very fine.

(5): Low operating costs: although the investment of the purchase of laser equipment is bigger than traditional marking equipment. But the laser marking speed, low energy consumption, easy automation management, do not need general supplies, as long as the laser normally can achieve long time continuous processing. Comprehensive calculation, in the use of comprehensive cost and technical efficiency, laser marking machine has a great advantage compared with the traditional way of marking.

In the field of auto parts manufacturing, laser marking technology has been fully applied to any place, such as non metal parts, metal parts, and automobile glass, tires, can realize the laser marking.

Anyway, if you are interested in our laser marking machine for your work, or have any question. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online. Thanks for your time.

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