Why is laser technology becoming more and more popular with people?
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Why is laser technology becoming more and more popular with people?

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Why is laser technology becoming more and more popular with people?

Why is laser technology becoming more and more popular with people?

As we all know, there are many cnc laser equipment in the market, for example: high precision cnc laser marking machine, good quality laser welding machine and high speed laser engraving cutting machine. In addition, now those laser equipment, due to their advantages, has been widely used in almost all industries, from the spacecraft, aircraft, missiles to print, shipbuilding, automobile clothing shoes and bags, mobile phone computer consumer electronics and toys and other industries, cover and contain everything.


And why is laser equipment becoming more and more popular than traditional machining? Below, Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company gives you a brief introduction.


1. The laser beam controlled by the computer can move at high speed, and the processing efficiency and the economic benefit can be improved.


2. Software design and marking patterns, using cnc laser machine can process a variety of patterns, such as symbols, text, etc., and you can change the mark content according to requirements so that to adapt to modern production efficiency, fast-paced requirements.


3. For large quantities of manufactured products, the traditional mechanical instability and the precision is not high. To the contrary, the laser machine can process with high precision, no cutting force and work piece interaction, and the laser machine has the advantages of small thermal effect to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.


4. In the aspect of speed, because the laser is processed directly by the laser beam with high energy density, the traditional machining operations are tedious.


5. The work piece can be processed in a closed container through a transparent medium. In a hostile environment or where others are difficult to approach, robots can be used for laser processing.


6. The processing precision is high, the laser can act on the material surface with the extremely fine beam of light, the most thin line width may achieve micron.


7. Laser marking machine processing system itself is a computer system, customers can be encoded according to different needs, to meet individual requirements, enhance the value-added products.


The development and rise of laser processing equipment has played an active role in improving and changing the production process of many industries, and promoting the development of science and technology.


In addition, the Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company focuses on cnc laser, cnc router, plasma cutter machine, oscillation knife cutter machine and other cnc equipment many years. In order to meet the requirements of the customers, there are also many different types of equipment in our company. For example, for the cnc laser engraving cutting machine, the laser tube of laser engraving cutting cnc machine in our company adopts Beijing reci laser tube, which is famous brand in China, long time using life. And the working area of cnc laser engraving machine are also different. Such as dek-9060, the working area is 900mm*600mm, dek-1390, the working area is 1300mm*900mm and so on. You can choose the suitable one according to your materials. We can also customized for you.

The cnc laser metal nonmeatl cutting machine show:

1318 cnc metal laser cutting machine sale.jpgreci 100w laser acrylic cutting machine price.jpg

And the staff of our company have many years experience, if you have any question, we will try our best to help you and provide the solution of the cnc laser machine. So if you have any question about the cnc laser equipment, please feel free to let us know. We will deal with it immediately.


As you know the cnc laser equipment have many advantages for your work, high speed, high precision and other advantages. If you are interested in our cnc laser machine for your work, or have any question, please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment company. We are support service 24 hours online. What are you waiting for?


Thanks for your reading.

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