The components of cnc router wood stone metal nonmetal cutter & engraver( First part)
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The components of cnc router wood stone metal nonmetal cutter & engraver( First part)

before buying a cnc router, we need t know the basic components of it. this article will give you a brief introduction of it. we discuss the features of water cooling spindle and air cooling spindle, the benefits of the stepper motor and driver and the characteristics of the Hiwin rail. want to know more? just read it.
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The components of cnc router

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Water cooling spindle VS Air cooling spindle

The water cooling spindle of cnc wood engaraving router adopts the way of water cycle, which has a better cooling effect with low noise. But on the other hand, the cnc router wood carving machine needs to install a water pump to ensure the cooling process. Therefore, it is a little bit difficult and complicated. Before buying wood cnc engraving router, users need to have a basic knowledge of cnc router china wood carving.

As for the air cooling spindle of cnc woodworking engraving machine, it does not need a water pump and very easy to use. In addition, the price of air cooling spindle of cnc router wood carving is normally higher than the water cooling spindle. For those countries with low temperatures and high requirements for environmental protection, it is better to use HSD air cooling spindle. It is a world well-know Italy brand, which has longer service life. What’s more, HSD brand has after-sale service department almost everywhere to ensure the perfect service and has won a great reputation.

Hiwin square rail

Jinna delcel cnc company adopt the world famous Hiwin rail, which equips the self-lubricating sliding block to ensure the equal force from all directions and leads to the strong performance in precision and accuracy.

Stepper motor VS Servo motor of cnc router wood engraving

YASKAWA, PANOSONIC and Delta are three famous brands around the world when it comes to the servo motor and driver of cnc engraving machines. Compared to stepper motor and driver, it aims at high-end customers which focus on very high precision and higher level of quality. So of course, the servo motor of cnc router wood carving machine is more expensive than stepper motor and driver. But accordingly, it has the more powerful functions. For example, except for the higher precision and longer service life, servo motor and driver of cnc wood engraving machine engraver cutter router also have the function of low frequency vibration phenomenon, free-torch frequency and strong ability of overload etc. 

However, for those customers who have limit budget and want to have a good effect at the same time, the Leadshine stepper motor and driver used by Jinna Dekcel CNC Equipment CO.,Ltd will be the best choice for them.

The benefits of leadshine stepper motor and driver of cnc router

First:  it won’t lose step during the working process to guarantee positional accuracy of motor.

Second:  the speed performance has increased by 30%.

Third:  the motor heat has fell by 30% , which results in a longer lige.

Last but not least, our stepper motor and driver adopt the current control system saving power consumption.

Hope this article will help you. If you have any questions about cnc router wood engraving installation and cnc router wood engraving instructions, please contact us as soon as possible. Jinan Dekcel Cnc Euipment Co., Ltd will always be there for you.

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