Cnc wood router engraving machine --vacuum table VS T-slot table( second part)
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Cnc wood router engraving machine --vacuum table VS T-slot table( second part)

this is the second part of cn router. it mainly focus on features of the vacuum table and t-slot table. How to use them?when is better to choose vacuum table ? when is better to choose t-slot table? this article will give you a explanation.
  • DEK-150W

Vacuum table vs T-slot table of cnc router

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First, vacuum table and vacuum pump don't need workers to fix the material. It can absorb  the material automatically, which is more effective than T-slot type. In addition, it is made of double layer PVC board, which is against high temperature and corrosion. 

Second, the vacuum table with six areas is the most popular one. Of course, the number of areas is up to the demand of customers. More or less, it all be customized. What’s more, the valve controls the different areas. Open the valve, the relative area will start to work.

Third, the vacuum table need to be equipped with the vacuum pump. Without vacuum pump, it cannot work as normal. 

Fourth: The vacuum table of cnc router for wood, pvc, mdf etc applies to the relative soft materials, such as cloth, paper, leather, rubber... The holes on the table will absorb the soft things strongly. When it comes to T-Slot table, it is more better to be used for those hard materials, like wood plate, MDF, pvc, stone etc.

The advantages of vacuum table: time-saving and effective.

The disadvantages: it is limited by the thickness of the material. If the stuff is too thick, it cannot be stuck. Too thin, it will be easy to be dent. As for the hollow material, it is even not proper.

Using tips: we need to put a thin board on the table to keep the good seal and no leakage.

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