80w 100w cnc co2 laser cutter for cutting die board and plywood
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80w 100w cnc co2 laser cutter for cutting die board and plywood

Plywood can improve the wood utilization and also be used in industries like aircraft, automobiles,ships, trains buildings and packing boxes and usage for partitions, ceilings,dado, facade etc. as for the die board, if is specially used i n cutting and engraving the paper box mold.
  • DEK-80W


80w 100w co2 laser cutter--the magical equipment for cutting die board and plywood

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With the rapid development of economy, people’s living standard is improving as well. So they have higher demand for home and office decoration products. Plywood and die board are two typical types for decorative ingredients, which can be cut and engraved by DEKCEL standard co2 laser cutter. 

Plywood can improve the wood utilization, and it is a main way to save wood. They can also be used in industries like aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, buildings and packing boxes. On the other hand, partitions, ceilings,dado, facade etc are all made of plywood case. 

As for die board laser machine, it is a device which develops in recent years. This equipment mainly uses powerful energy of laser to run high deep ignition. Then to achieve the purpose of installing cutting knives. 

The working process of the laser cutter for plywood and die boar is as follows: first, design the patterns by AUTOCAD or CORELDRAW. Second, store it as the corresponding graphic format, such as DXF, PLT format. Third, open the professional control software and import files and set the corresponding parameters. Finally, users are able to start the machine and work. 

What’s more, users are advised to use big air blow during the cutting process to avoid the burned situation. And normally, reci 80w and 100w co2 laser cutting machine can deal with the regular depth of plywood. So Dekcel cnc company will recommend you the similar co2 laser cutters especially for plywood and die board. They are DEK-9060 80W CO2 laser cutter for nonmetal and DEK-1390 100W CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.

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