KT Board
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KT Board

Dekcel cnc foam oscillation cutter machine with knife cutting, adopt negative pressure adsorption method to fix the foam, fast cutting speed, no burning edge, no smoke, no air pollution. For foam cutting industry, we have KT board oscillating knife cutter, high density PVC expansion sheet foam cutting machine, digital printing foam board knife cutter machine, display foam board cutter plotter, sign foam board cutting machine, advertising foam board cutter, digital foam sign board cnc cutting equipment, PVC foam cutting machine, EVA foam oscillating knife cutter machine etc. Our oscillation knife cutter plotter machine can cut many type of foam, such as closed cell foam, rubber foam, foamex, foam core, KT board, EPE foam, polyethylene foam, PE foam, PVC foam, etc. It's widely used for packaging protection, advertising display, thermal insulation, model & mock up making, puzzle and pattern cutting etc.

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