Cigarette paper packets marked by Quality cnc co2 laser marker in China
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Cigarette paper packets marked by Quality cnc co2 laser marker in China

it is the truth that cigarette is one of the most popular things in the world. so there is and will be a huge market for it all the time. so far, hundreds of cigarette brand exist. in order to recognize and identity the different brands , produces choose to use co2 laser marker to mark logos and bar code on the surface of its packets. we will talk about it in the following article.
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The revolution of the marking technology for cigarette packets--Quality co2 laser marker in China

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Cigarette is may one of the most popular things around the world. It has numberless fans which are crazy about them. There are hundreds of kinds of cigarettes, all of them have to be packed in case, no matter how expensive or cheap it is. So in order to identify the different types, manufactures have to mark the logo or something that can make people recognize the brand. The co2 laser marker for cigarette packets is coming into people’s eyes.

The identification of cigarette packs has been in the tobacco industry for a long time, and cigarette makers have to spray cigarette information on cigarette boxes accurately through laser marking machines. Production date, production mark and other relevant information can be accurately marked in the packaging box.

What's more, the customers can check the information after the bar code marked by co2 laser marker. So the majority of consumers are able to understand the genuineness of cigarettes and avoid being deceived by the fake ones. With its adntages of fast speed, accuracy, security , especially in the sensitive cigarette industry, cigarette packets laser marking machine promotes the healthy and stable development of the cigarette market.

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