cnc cutting machine Reci 100w co2 laser cutter for paper cards/paper crafts
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cnc cutting machine Reci 100w co2 laser cutter for paper cards/paper crafts

Of course you can use scissors to cut paper. However,it is always difficult for us to cut paper with a neat and clear cutting edges. Especially gifts card and wedding invitation cards, we want these to be perfect.Then,how to make it? Dekcel cnc co2 laser cutter or cnc co2 laser cutting machine is the best suitable machine for cutting paper. In this article,i will introduce some technical information about paper cnc laser cutting.
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This is Dek-1390 cnc co2 laser cutting paper machine.

paper cnc co2 laser cutter.jpg

How to choose the working table?

As you can see it,paper is a kind of soft materails,so you need to usehoneycomb working table,rather than blade working table,which is suitable for cutting hard materials such as foam,pvc,pe,wood,acrylic etc.When comes to cut paper,honeycomb table plus an exhaust fan,it becomes much easier to fix the paper on the table,and greatly increase the working efficencey.

How to decide the laser tube power?

We dekcel cnc laser cutting and engraving machines all adopt Beijing Reci laser tube,which is well-known in China, and has good quality and excellent after-sale service.

Different laser cube power cut different depth of paper:

If you want to cut 3mm-4mm paper,you'd better choose 40w or 60w.

If cut 8mm paper,choose 80w Reci laser tube.

If cut 10mm,choose 100w.

If 12mm,choose 130w;cut 15mm,use 150w Reci laser tube.

paper samples cnc cutting machine co2 laser cutter.jpg

What's the factors for the cutting effects?

  1. air blow

    Normally,our clients needs to cut a lot of pieces at one time,the bigger the air flow,the more paper you can cut once,and less burning for the middle paper.

  2. laser tube power

    You need to adjust the optimum laser tube power,if the power is big,much easier to burn the edge,if too small,cannot cut through all these pieces of paper at one time.

    But,you don't need to worry about these,for Dekcel cnc equipmnet company has hired a lot of professional and skilled technicals,they will provide the best solution to all the problems you encounterd during the warranty period.

    If you could cooperate with us,you will never regret for your decision forever.

    Thanks for your time.Dekcel cnc equipment company

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