Dekcel cnc paper cut co2 laser cutter for wedding cards/decoration crafts
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Dekcel cnc paper cut co2 laser cutter for wedding cards/decoration crafts

Paper is one of the most familiar materials among people, including paper wedding cards, paper indoor decoration, paper tools, etc. But how to cut these paper products at high speed and good cutting edge? Dekcel cnc co2 laser cutter can give you a best answer for that.
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 The paper little products is widely used to decorate our home,office or classrooms.Also the most common application is the colorful and beautiful wedding cards.Look at this picture.

paper cut co2 laser cutter machine.jpg

Maybe you get confused,which kind of machine can do this excellent job? 

How you ever heard of co2 cnc laser cutter or cnc laser cutting machine before?

How much do you know about this laser machine?

Dekcel cnc paper cut co2 laser cutter.jpg

1.Basic introduction of Dekcel cnc co2 laser cutter:

 Dekcel cnc co2 laser cutter makes use of the powerful laser energy to cut or engraver all kinds of materials.

2.Suitable materials and industry

 This machine is applicable to cut or engrave all kinds of paper products,the wood products,leather,cloth,organic glass,epoxy resin,acrylic,wool,plastic,rubber,ceramic tile,crystal,jade,bamboo products and most of the nonmetallic material.Co2 laser cutter is suitable for the clothing embroidery,leather,bamboo and wood products, electronic appliances,models,crafts,advertising, packaging and printing,and other industries

3.The prominent advantages of cnc co2 laser cut for paper

 Processing effect is fine,smooth cutting edge,no burn,no polishing,clean,no noise,no deformation, high speed,high efficiency and high precision. 

4.The machine mode of Dekcel cnc co2 laser machine:

Dek-6040 Dek-0609 Dek-1290 Dek-1390 Dek-1490 Dek-1810 Dek-1325 Dek-1530 

Furthermore,our company also provides customized service according to your need.

If you have any interest about the cnc laser equipment,don't be shy. Please contact with us immediately.

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