Cnc co2 laser cutter machine for cutting leather DIY speaker
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Cnc co2 laser cutter machine for cutting leather DIY speaker

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Cnc co2 laser cutter machine for cutting leather DIY speaker

Cnc co2 laser cutter machine for cutting leather DIY speaker 

Do you know the Reci 100w laser cutter? Do you understand of the 1390 leather cutting cnc machine? Yes, the cnc co2 laser cutting machine can engrave and cut many kinds of materials. Including nonmetal cnc metal materials. Such as wood, paper, leather, rubber, stone, acrylic, plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel and so on. Today, we will introduce DIY speaker cutting laser machine to you.

As you know, music and fashion are the eternal pursuit of mankind. Music is pleasing to the eye and brings us enjoyment of hearing. Fashion brings us a positive and optimistic way of life. Now, we see a lot of the shape of speakers are square or rectangular box. How to combine the two so that the speaker also has a unique shape? Pick up the laser cutting equipment and make one yourself.

The DIY stereo speakers called Giacinto. The surface of this speaker is made of renewable leather, and the chip is made up of custom mini speakers including four interfaces (1 inputs, 2 outputs, and 1 power interfaces). The 4 white lines correspond to the interface. They are used to output the left and right channel signals, the input sound and the charging. The fittings are assembled by small screws and bolts. This design will not only increase interest, product sense of belonging, but also can effectively solve the production line costs, and very suitable for buyers to customize and upgrade.

1390 leather cutting cnc.

The leather after 3D printing and laser cutting processing technology, you can choose brown, gray, dark gray, black four-color. The co2 leather cutter machine used can also cut all kinds of patterns what customers want. The sound surface has two small rings, they are used laser cutting, cnc laser engraving technology to create. There are stainless steel and brass two materials optional.

The appearance of speaker has a variety of possible through the leather, but cost of leather production is high. The processing of traditional mechanical cutting, once was not cut greatly, it will cause the waste of raw materials, increase the cost of production. And cnc laser cutter Reci 100w using non-contact processing, regional laser beam can be applied to small, high cutting flexibility, small thermal effect, no deformation, is currently the most advanced processing methods.

Now the Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company has developed good cnc laser cutter price for customers. If you are interested in our high speed high precision laser cutting machine, or have any question about it. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online. Thanks for your time.

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