industrial portable co2 laser cutting marker machine for leather
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industrial portable co2 laser cutting marker machine for leather

co2 cnc laser marker machine is a star in leather related industry,for it can easily realize marking different patterns on leather surface without any damage. And what's more cnc laser marking machine will not generate any pollution to the environment. Best choice for you on the market of leather.
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    Co2 laser marker hollow technology is currently used in the footwear and leather industry.If you are engaged in leather market,cnc co2 laser marking machine should be equipped to cater to the mass  production.Portable co2 laser marker can quickly engrave graphics on leather or making some hollow patterns on it.The operation of cnc marker co2 laser machine is flexible,and what's more laser marker cnc machine will not make any deformation or damage on the leather surface.And you can feel the engraving lines of portable laser marker equipment clearly on by your hands.As to the final engraving effects,it can realize fine lines engraving,no burrs,suitable for uppers leather shoe making,leather handbags, leather luggage and so on.

    Laser marking co2 machine refers to the laser equipment,which can make automatic laser engraving on all kinds of leather products when connected with professional software.At present,we dekcel cnc laser marker manufacturer created dynamic laser marking machine,which is regarded as the most advanced laser processing technology with the highest speed.With this technique of high speed co2 laser marker,any complex graphics can be engraved.I am believe industrial cnc laser marking machine can meet the new trend of international clothing processing and will have a bright future sooner or later.

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   If you want to buy a laser marker,or as a laser marking machine user is only interested at the cnc laser marker price,please contact us immediately.By the way,since high precision co2 laser marker are a star at many industries,we are still looking for agents all over the world.If you have the ambition of doing business at laser marker industry,please send us messages.

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