cnc cutting machine digital oscillating knife cutter for KT board
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cnc cutting machine digital oscillating knife cutter for KT board

In this article,Dekcel will illustrate something about KT board,which is especially widely applied to advertising industry and achitechive industry. So what's KT board's features and other applications? What's more, how to cut KT board in great demand at a very short time?
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Features of KT board:

Environmental protection:100% does not contain asbestos,does not produce VOC harmful gases,no radioactive pollution;

Economy:low price,reduce the cost of related industry;

Waterproof and moisture:Toledo stone crystal structure,minimum effect by the humidity changes;

Insulation,energy-saving:insulation performance,reduce energy consumption;

Long life,anti-aging:easy to decorate,no fear of harsh environments,life same with the masonry;

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Applications ofKT board:

 1.Main applications: partitions,ceiling;

 2.Fireproof construction:such as firewall,fire doors,fire furniture;

 3.Insulation structure: the insulation layer,external wall insulation applications;

 4.Sound insulation: such as cinemas,conference halls,concert halls and other places;

 5.Wet areas: basement,bathroom,kitchen and other wet areas and low temperature,corrosion and other harsh environments;

 6.Lining structure: curtain wall liner of the excellent choice,has been widely known as the professional curtain wall company supporting the development;

 7.Other applications: also widely used in furniture,cabinets,activities,floor,office partition.

 Since KT board has those good features and wide applications,the market is bound to have a great demand for it.If you are on the market of KT board production,have you ever heard this new star-cnc digital oscillating knife cutter?

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Dekcel Oscillating knife cutter is designed to cut almost all kinds of materials,such as corrugated paper,cardboard,offset paper,grey board,rubber,honeycomb board,PP,PE,PVC,gasket,leather,carpet and mat.Using cnc knife cutting technology,our digital cutter machine has no burning and totally environmently.

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Different degrees knife tools different cutting depth of KT board:

If you want to cut 10mm-15mm KT board,using 16degree knife.

If cut 7mm-10mm KT board,using 20 degree knife.

If cut 5mm-7mm,using 26 degree knife.

If you are interested in cnc digital oscillating knife cutter or want to be our agent,please contact us soon.Your inquiry will be greatly appreciated.

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