JPT MOPA Depth Color Plastic Laser Marking Machine for 304 Stainless Steel
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JPT MOPA Depth Color Plastic Laser Marking Machine for 304 Stainless Steel

JPT MOPA depth laser marking generator has a much higher average output power from 20w up to 120W,through adjusting the parameters pulse frequency and pulse width,it can realize marking any color on stainless steel,aluminium black color marking,fine marking on plastic,depth marking and aluminium,copper and other metal material,also can marking on transparent material...ect JPT laser suitable for more material processing which Q-switch limited.
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JPT MOPA Depth Color Plastic Laser Marking Machine for 304 Stainless Steel
MOPA depth color fiber laser marking machine
JPT MOPA pulsed fiber laser make use of master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) configuration,and show excellent laser performance as well as high level of temporal pulse shaping controllability.The pulse repetition frequency (PRF)and pulse width can be controlled independently in MOPA configuration, through adjusting different combination of the above parameters.And enable JPT laser suitable for more material processing which Q-switch limited.

MOPA Depth/Color Marking Machine Generator

Mopa color marKing laser generator


Advantage of Mopa Laser Marking Machine
- 1ns ~ 250ns wide adjustable pulse width, wider application range of material
- Wide repetition rate for diverse application
- Excellent beam quality, excellent processing performance
- First pulse availability and quicker pulse response speed, good choice for highly precise & fine marking
- No light leaking, safe marking

Techinical Parameter of Mopa Laser Marking Generator

Laser Type Unit MOPA
Product Model YDFLP-20-M6+-S YDFLP-30-M6+-L1 YDFLP-30-M6+-S
M2 <1.3 <1.8 <1.3
Delivery Cable Length m 2 3 2
Nominal Average Output Power W >20 >30 >30
Maximum Pulse Energy mJ 0.5 0.97 0.5
Full Power Repetition Range kHz 40~2000 31~2000 60~2000
Pulse Repetition Rate Range kHz 1~2000
Pulse Duration ns 1~250 2~250 2~250
Longtime Average Power stability    % <5%
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Supply DC Voltage (VDC) V 24
Current Consumption A <8 <10 <10
Current Supply Consumption A >8 >10 >10
Power Consumption@20℃ W <192 <240 <240
Central Emission Wavelength nm 1064
Emission Bandwidth@3dB nm <15
Polarization Random
Anti-Reflection Protection Yes
Output Beam Diameter mm 7±0.5 6±0.5 7±0.5
Output Power Tuning Range % 0~100
Operation Temperature 0~40
Storage Temperature -10~60
Weight KG N.W:8  G.W:9.75
Dimension W×D×H (mm) mm 315×220×99
Main Application of Mopa Laer Marking Machine
Color marking on stainless steel
Metal surface processing, peeling coating
※ Alumina Black marking
※ Semi-conductor & Electronics industry applications
※ Excellent marking effect on plastic or other sensitive material

1.MOPA color marking on 304 stainless steel and titanium

JPT MOPA color laser marking machine

stainless steel mopa color marking machine

2. Metal surface processing, peeling coating,rust removing

MOPA laser peeling coat and rust removing

3.Alumina plate black marking,surface stripping for Aluminum oxide thin plate 

Mopa laser aluminium balck color marking

4.Depth marking by MOPA laser machine

depth mopa laser marking on metal stainless steel

5.Normally the Q-switch laser marking machine can not mark very on transparent plastic material,but mopa laser can do nice.

transparent plastic mopa marking

6.Marking mini text,black logo,trademark,model,on the surface of Anodized aluminum material,the minimum text size can reach 0.05mm.

In the last two years,it has been widely used by Apple, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Meizu and other electronic manufacturers on the shell of electronic products for marking black marks,models,serial number,IMEI and so on.
mimi text mopa laser marking machine

7.Plastic and electronic products marking
Today's electronic products are thinner and lighter,many phones,tablets PC and computers use thin alumina as the product's shell. if use the Q-switch laser to mark the conducting position on the thin aluminum plate that will easy to cause deformation of materials and the backside will be convex,it directly affects the aesthetics of the appearance.However,if use the smaller pulse width parameter of Mopa laser,it can make the material not easy to deform and the shading is more delicate and bright white.

 plastic mopa fine balck marking.jpg

8.Electronic,semiconductor,ITO precision processing
In the processing for electronic, semiconductor and ITO precision machining,there were so many times need to use a fine line application.With the Q-switch laser generator,can not adjust the parameter of laser pulse width,so the lines are hard to be precise.Mopa laser can adjust the pulse width and frequency parameters flexibly,not only can make the fine lines,but also the edges are smooth and not rough.

The Different Between Q-switch laser and MOPA laser

Application Item Q-switch Generator MOPA Laser Generator
Aluminum oxide thin plate surface stripping The base material is easy to deform and the shading is rough Not deform,the shading is exquisite
Aluminum Oxide blackening Can not mark black color Can mark different kinds black color
Depth Marking The shading is rough Fine marking & the shading is exquisite
Stainless Steel Color Marking Hard for color adjusting Though the parameter adjusting,can marking many colors.
ABS/PC/PEC/PVC ect Marking effect yellow and rough No hand fell,no yellow color,looks nice
Light transmission paint keyboard Hard to mark Easy to make it pervious
electronic,semiconductor components,ITO precision Pulse width bigger,power strong The pulse can be adjusted,laser beam fine and marking power balance



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