Bang! Great advantages of laser printing glass cnc marking equipment
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Bang! Great advantages of laser printing glass cnc marking equipment

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Bang! Great advantages of laser printing glass cnc marking equipment

 With strong technical force and dedicated service attitude,Dekcel cnc laser equipment company has been providing laser marking services for hundreds of enterprises and institutions and won great praise in Shanghai SME partners.cnc equipment laser marking applicable areas:all kinds plastic products,car keys,phonebuttons,bearings,caps,tools,electronic components,keyboards, buttons,buckles,measuring tools,watches,prizes,souvenirs,various mechanical signs and medical equipments.What's morecnc laser printing equipment has the following advantages in glass marking aspect:

Compared to traditional marking methods (such as inkjet,corrosion,spark,stamping,screen printing, etc.) cnc laser marking printing equipment has the following characteristics:

1. Marking with good quality - for it is non-contact processing,laser printing machine won't produce any mechanical stress to the materials,no damage,fine lines,beautiful patterns.

2. The pictures or letters made by cnc laser marking machine won't naturally fade because of environmental conditions (such as wet,acidic and alkaline),but will be permanently maintained, not easy to be copied by the bad manufacturers, with good security features.

cnc equipment laser marking glass.jpg

3. Cnc machine laser marking can mark any graphics,text,print serial number,batch number,production date on almost every goods.

4. No "tool" wearing,non-toxic,no environmental pollution,high environmental protection.

5. Cnc machine laser printing can realize super fine graphic marking, mark information within depth <1.5mm, line accuracy is only 1/4 of human beings' hair diameter.

our service from dekcel cnc equipment company:

1).Making laser marking samples for free until satisfied.

2).Solid delivery time.We will deliver the cnc marking laser machine on time to your factory.

3).Any trades no matter big or small,we will provide the best service as possible as we can.

4)If there is any quality problem,we compensate for economic losses.

If you have any questions about the laser marking machine,please contact us. We are happy to provide you good consulting service and professional advice. 

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