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Products News

  • [Products News] Will Laser Engraving Wear Off?

    Laser engraving is based on numerical control technology with laser as the processing medium, it is one of the most advanced technologies in the field of engraving, and it is rapidly gaining market share at the moment when it is booming. However, there are already some concerns about whether laser engraving will disappear from the market.

  • [Products News] How Does ATC CNC Router Work?

    There are many kinds of CNC routers in the market, among which ATC CNC router is one of the most popular products. However, if you are not the manufacturer or operator of the engraving machine, you may not even know what an ATC CNC router is. What does it do, and how does it work, is the focus of many ATC CNC router manufacturers.

  • [Products News] Differences Between Stone and Metal Engraving Machine

    Today, stone engraving machines and metal engraving machines have been widely used, ranging from urban beautification to industrial manufacturing. When it comes to engraving machines, people tend to think they are the same. What's the difference between them?

  • [Products News] What Is Metal Engraving Machine?

    With the development of science and technology, carving and cutting have been separated from the manual stage in business. Metal engraving machine can liberate your hands and bring you higher efficiency and profit. If you're excited about it, take a look at this article.

  • [Products News] Different types of CNC Engraving Routers Machine

    The CNC Router Machine is a computer controlled cutting device. CNC is the computer digital signal control. There are many products using CNC technology, and 3D printers are widely known to the public. But specifically speaking of the CNC Router, it also has many classes.This article lists the common types of CNC Router Machines.

  • [Products News] What is the difference between a CNC router and a CNC mill?

    CNC Router and CNC Milling Machine are two very similar products. They have a lot in common in design and function, and even if you don't pay attention to the details, it is perfectly possible to classify the two products into one category. However, although it can be said, the two products are still different. Although not obvious, it is enough to distinguish between two products. Here are some of the more obvious differences. For more detailed differences, you can refer to the detailed product manual.

  • [Products News] Metal engraving machine how it works

    We usually refer to the higher-precision engraving machine as a metal engraving machine, but in fact the metal engraving machine can engrave more than just metal, it can engrave most common materials, such as wood, plastic and so on. The difference between the metal engraving machine and the ordinary CNC Router Machine is that the requirements for engraving of the metal engraving machine are generally more precise. And the engraved workpieces will be much smaller. Products such as large wall decorations cannot be used with metal engraving machines. In this way, the metal engraving machine seems to be a small and convenient device. So what are the characteristics of the metal engraving machine?

  • [Products News] How to engrave stone with engraving machine

    In life, stone carvings can be seen everywhere. The stone carving mentioned here does not mean carving an animal or other thing with stone, but referring to the carving or lettering on the surface of the stone. Have you ever thought about how these carvings are done?

  • [Products News] What is ATC CNC Router

    When you mention the CNC Router Machine, you should easily think that this device is a computer-controlled cutting machine. It can be used to cut a wide variety of materials to create beautiful and beautiful artwork. However, although the CNC Router is computer controlled, not all operations are fully automated in actual production. To solve this problem, CNC Router Manufacturers designed and built the ATC CNC Router.

  • [Products News] What materials can make a laser cutter cut?

    Laser cutting is a technique that uses a laser to cut material. Laser cutting is widely used in industrial manufacturing, but recently, many schools and amateurs have begun to invest in it. A laser is a high-energy beam that produces high temperatures to achieve a melted material. Because the temperature generated is very high, the melting process is very fast, and the material irradiated by the laser melts and evaporates in a short time, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting the material. This brings up a question, what material can the laser cut?

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