80W/100W/150W Beijing Reci laser tube
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80W/100W/150W Beijing Reci laser tube

Dekcel can support cnc laser engraving and cutting machine spare parts Beijing reci laser tube, 80W,100W,150W according to your requirement.
  • 80W/100W/150W

  • Beijing Reci

  • 026

Operation conditions Water cooling: using purified water; 2 to 5 liter/minute; 

water temperature: 10℃-40℃.

The operating environment: temperature 2-40℃; humidity 10-60%.

The working current: test current is 29mA. Maximum working current is 29mA. The running current 

must be kept below 27mA. The life span can reach 8,000 hours if the current is kept below 25mA. 

The ammeter must be connected to the negative electrode of laser tube.When it is working under over-high current for long term, the negative pole will appear light yellow and the life span will be shortened rapidly.

To protect dust from going into the insulation sheath, please wrap it with plastic film.

reci co2 150w cnc laser cutting machine tube show.jpg

Working Performance Cutting function.

Engraving function: Very good. When the working current is 4mA and the tube is in the state of preionization, 

the laser can be used for high-frequency impulse engraving.

reci co2 laser engraving machine tube parameter certificate.jpg


The laser beam is invisible light. Please wear protective glasses when debugging the laser. 

The positive pole is in high voltage. Pay attention to the security marks.

reci co2 laser tube fied with coil spring in the wooden box.jpg

reci co2 laser tube packing wooden box.jpg


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