Frosted Effect Glass Intelligent Decorative LED Mirror UV Laser Making Machine
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Frosted Effect Glass Intelligent Decorative LED Mirror UV Laser Making Machine

Frosted glass effect widly used for decoration industry. DEK-1325J intelligent glass mirror engraving machine mainly used for marking on large customized size material, machine marking area is 1300mm*2500mm. With this machine you can reduce processing procedures, reduce the labor and save cost.
Laser Source:
  • DEK-1325J-UV-10W


  • D2021-1

Frosted Glass Effect Making Video

Frosted Effect Glass Intelligent Decorative Mirror UV Laser Making Machine

intelligent frosted effect glass making machine

At present, there are variety of ways for making frosted effect glass and mirror, such as sandblasting, acid etching, printing, carving, filming ect. But there are some risks to the worker's health by these traditional processing methods, in order to improve this situation, DEKCEL CNC intelligent frosted effect glass making machine can improve the processing technique and reduce this risk.

frosted effect glass mirror making machine

Advantage of Frosted Glass UV Laser Marking Machine

1. American Optowave UV 10w laser source with output 355 nm wavelength laser, fine laser beam, high  marking quality. 

2. UV laser marking effect is smooth and fine, with no thermal effects or burning issues.

3. Long-span working life, its working life is up to 100,000 hours.

4.  Machine without any consumptive part and no maintenance within life time.

5. Original Taiwan MarkingMate controller, USB interface, swift and stable transmission, easy software operation, strong functions. 

6. The software can receive DXF, PLT, BMF, AI and JPG format, and can automatically generate serial number and production date, bar code, the QR code..

Descrition of UV 10W Frosted Glass Laser Marking Machine

1. Import America Advanced Optowave UV 10W laser generator

frosted effect glass mirror making laser source

2. Fast speed OUYA marking galvanometer, fine marking, stable and reliable.

frosted glass making galvanometer

3. Heay duty machine body that total weight about 3.2ton, with high temperature quenching reduces deformation,ensure the machine working stable and good performance.

frosted effect glass mirror making machine body

4. Our frosted glasss effect making machine equipped with Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver, offer you high precision for spilcing marking.

frosted effect glass mirror making machine motor

5. Tiawan Markingmate controller for large size graph processing, the file can be equally dvived to many pieces, and machine wil mark automatically one by one.

taiwan markingmake frosted glass making software

6 Tiwan Hiwin guide rail with Gear and rack for transmission system.

frosted effect glass making machine guide rail

Intelligent Frosted Glass Making Machine Technical Specification

Model No.  DEK-1325J-UV-10W
Lasers Type American Advanced Optowave UV Laser Source
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Output Power  10W 
Transmission System YASKAWA servo motor and driver with gear and rack
Marking area  1300mm*2500mm 
Marking Speed <2000mm/s
Mini. character size   0.1mm 
Mini. Marking line width   0.01mm 
Repositioning precision 0.01mm
Power stability (12h)  1%rms 
Beam Quality M2  <1.5 
Security Classification   Class IV 
Control System Taiwan Markingmate software
Cooling Method  Water cooling 
Operation temperature  15℃-35℃
Power supply  AC220V,50-60Hz
Power consumption  <5.5KW 
Machine Dimensions ( L x W x H)   4520*2200*1650 mm (L*W*H)
Option Size

1200mm*1200mm / 1600mm*1600mm /

1500mm*3000mm or customized

UV Laser Marking Machine Application 

1. Frosted effect glass and mirror for decoration industry, such as windows, doors, tabletops, bathroom, office.

frosted effect glass mirror make

2. circuit diagrams laser marking and drawing

circuit diagrams laser marking

3.   Adhensive vinyl Frame contour cutting for sandblasting and etching.

vinyl laser cutting

If you are not sure which machine is suitable, please tell me the following questions i will recommend the most suitable machine to you.

1). what materials do you want to mark ?

2). what's the max size of the materials ?

DEKCEL CNC Sincerely At Your Service.


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