1000W 2000W Fiber Laser Rust cleaning machine | Handheld Laser Cleaner for Sale
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1000W 2000W Fiber Laser Rust cleaning machine | Handheld Laser Cleaner for Sale

1000W / 2000W fiber laser cleaning machine adopted high power pulsed fiber laser generator, which is mainly used for removing metal surface rust, paint, clad layer and coating, oil fouling, residuum of rubber mold cleaning and so on. For more big power handheld laser cleaner can be customized according your processing request.
  • DEK-1000WFC / DEK-2000WFC


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What is fiber laser cleaning machine?


The fiber laser cleaning machine (i.e., rust laser cleaner) is the latest high-tech product and an eco-friendly process used to remove rust, paint, oxide and other contaminants from metal surfaces. 

Fiber laser removal technology, a type of laser cleaning, is an effective process for cleaning up your parts. Using a fiber laser cleaning system, rust and other contaminants can be quickly and completely removed without damaging the metal underneath.

Laser cleaning and removal is a great alternative to manual and chemical cleaning methods since rust is removed with greater precision and lower recurring costs. It’s also a great way to reduce your environmental impact.

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine Working Video

How does a laser cleaning machine work?


Laser cleaning technology works by sending nanosecond-length pulses of laser light towards a surface, which is the process of removing oxide, coating, contaminated, dust, etc. layers on metal surface by laser irradiation. 

Laser cleaning is based on the principle of photon pulses that are projected towards the surface. Depending on the material, they will trigger thermal, physical or photochemical processes there, resulting in a cleaning effect. In the case of an oxidized metal surface, the oxide particles detach from the surface because their coefficient of expansion differs from that of the metal.

By absorbing the energy of high peak pulse power laser beam, the target layer evaporates quickly. This shock wave fragments and ejects the layer of pollutant in fine particles which are then captured by a suction system.

When the parameters of the laser beam are optimized, only the coating, oxide or residue will be removed without damaging the substrate. This type of laser treatment provides cleaning results that are impossible to achieve with traditional technologies. Moreover it is very environmentally friendly as it does not generate any chemical waste or dust.

Features of Fiber Rust Laser Cleaning Machine
Fiber laser cleaning machine scanning head


Simple structure, light weight, ergonomic design and easy to operate, small size, high precision, good stability.

High-tech and non-contact cleaning

No need any chemical liquid, no consumables, safety and environmental protection.

High power fiber laser generator


This fiber laser cleaner is adopt famous brand laser generator such as Raycus, JPT, MAX, IPG or other domestic brand.The laser cleaner power range from 100w,200w...up to 1000w, 2000w or customized for more big power. 

Professional laser cleaning optical design

High and fast speed scanning mirror and F-theta lens; Continuously long-time working more than 10 hours.

High cleaning efficiency and save time

Simple structure, stable performance, maintenance-free; Automated cleaning by hand-held or work with manipulator.

Laser rust cleaning machine factory show



Technical parameters of handheld laser rust remover
Technical Parameters
DEK-500FC DEK-1000FC
Power Supply AC 220V 50/60 Hz AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Fiber Laser Generator 500w / 1000w / 2000w 
Fiber Laser Generator Brand Raycus / IPG / Max / JPT
Working Environment Temperature 5-40℃ 5-40℃
Working Humidity <90% <90%
Weight 200Kg 500Kg
Laser Class Class IV Class IV
Laser Cleaning Power 500w 1000w
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Pulse Frequency 10-30, Typ 20Khz 10-30, Typ 20Khz
Fiber Length 10m 10m
Beam Width <1mm <1mm
Cleaning Width 50-150mm 50-300mm
Cooling Model Water Cooling
Water Cooling
Air Presure 3L / Min (clean & dry air) 3L / Min (clean & dry air)
Applicaation of Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Dust and attachments removal of statue surface

Metal rust removal
Paint and oxide coating removal
Threaded rod and welded joint cleaning
Oil dirt removal
Rubber mold residue cleaning
Tire mold laser cleaning


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