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  • [Cnc router solution] Daily maintenance skill of plate furniture production line

    Plate furniture production line as a high-tech content of CNC router machine in the current production of plate furniture play an increasing role, it can be fast and efficient cutting,drilling and do other processing technology on a variety of sheet. So, as this high-performance woodworking machine how we do maintenance work?

  • [Cnc laser solution] Laser engraving machine maintenance

    Laser engraving machine maintenance,Particular note, do not adjust the light intensity more than 20MA, to prevent rapid aging of the laser tube.Be careful to clean the laser engraving machine reflector mirror, otherwise the light path must be re-adjusted.

  • [Cnc router solution] The matters needing attention when use of cnc router

    Before using the CNC router , you should carefully read the machine user manual and other relevant information in order to correctly operate the cnc router, and note the following:

  • [Laser marking solution] The matters needing attention when use of laser marking machine

    When using laser marking machine should pay attention to the following points:1,Do not modify the protective circuit of the machine and disassemble the main components of the laser marking machine.

  • [FAQ] What's the cnc router and cnc laser delivery cost & time?

    The professional CNC router,laser,plasma cutter we offer have exceptional long term stability, high cutting performance potential in a variety of applications and the machine systems are built to last. The professional CNC router,laser,plasma cutter we offer have exceptional long te

  • [FAQ] I want to buy a cnc router and cnc laser machine,what suggestion can you give?

    If you are looking to get into the CNC world, have a CNC application in mind, have a new business idea or looking to further your production, have a look at what DEKCEL have to offer you!

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