China wood carving cnc router for small wooden crafts
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China wood carving cnc router for small wooden crafts

Wood crafts as the indoor decoration products are available to more and more peoples,which make people feel so comfortable and pleasant at home. As a consequence, there increasingly occur various kinds of little cute wood crafts, but to our surprise, these are not made by hands any more at the era of information technology,but how to make wood crafts at high speed and good quality? How?
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I believe you as an wood crafts manufacturer,are very confused at this question: how to make small wooden crafts at high speed and with good quality.
Dekcel cnc equipment company as cnc router wood carving machine manufacturer give a wise answer for that-0609 cnc router china wood carving machine.

wood decoration cnc cuter machine
This cnc router table for wood has a wide applications:
 cnc wood carving router machine applicable industies and materials include:

1.Woodworking industry:
Cnc router wood carving machine is suitable for classic mahogany furniture processing,wood carving arts and crafts,present wooden box,mahogany casket,ink-slab,art manufacture engraving,decoration processing,jewelry competitive products sculpure.

2.Advertising industry

Wood carving with cnc router can cut acrylic,double color boards,PVC,ABS,aluminum composite panels,all kind of sign,chest signs,texts mould,trademark materials.

3.Art and crafts: 

High speed cnc wood carving router can engrave on artificial stone,engrave kind of texts,patterns on souvenirs.

4.Decoration industry:

Acrylic,density board,organic glass,soft metals like aluminum,etc can also be cut and engraved by wood carving cnc router.

5.Plate processing: 

Cnc router wood carving machine can work on plastic chemical components,PCB,inner body of car,bowling tracks, stairs,anti bate board,epoxy resin,ABS,PP,PE and other carbon mixed compounds.

Copper and Aluminum molding,building mold cutting,light equipment mold processing also can be processed by cnc router machine. 

0609 small cnc wood router quality features:
1. Cnc router wood carving machine water-cooling spindle realize good cooling effects,less noise,long service lifetime.
2.DSP or NC studio control system of wood carving cnc router,easy to learn and operate.
3.The machine is welded steel cnc router machine with good painting processing,less vibracation,high precision and never deformation.
4. Aluminum T-slot and PVC working wood carving cnc router table,make sure the machine can work for a long long time without any damage.
5.Cnc router for wood carvingwith large memory and perfect data transmission:large internal memory of 32M is enough to simultaneously store more than 30 processing files which can be read freely.


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