Acrylic decoration by cnc co2 laser cutter machine
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Acrylic decoration by cnc co2 laser cutter machine

Acrylic has good transparency, beautiful appearance,chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing by co2 laser cutter and engraver, and widely application in the decoration and furniture industry such as acrylic wall,acrylic chair ,acrylic photo frame ect.

Acrylic decoration by cnc co2 laser cutter machine
acrylic decoration laser cutter machine

How to make perfect effcet by acrylic laser cutter machine,Dekcel CNC will tell you:
1.choose high purity acrylic
You should choose the high purity acrylic, otherwise it will give you worse effect after laser cutting such as the cutting edge melted and bubble inside of the acrylic. speed with low power
When use co2 laser machine engraving image on acrylic,the image is mirrored first, the engraving speed is fast, the power should be low about 30% of the power.
3.mirror image for laser engraving
In general, our cnc laser machine engraves the acrylic from the backside with mirror image, which means that the finish engraving effect is more stereoscopic.
4.air blowing
Acrylic is easier to cut by co2 laser , in order to improve the quality of the incision when cutting,should be with small air blowing.
Our DEK-1390J,DEK-1325J co2 laser cutter and engraver are most suitable for acrylic processing.Jinan Dekcel CNC provides many type of cnc laser machine for your request.

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