three axis three process cnc router for wood furniture engraving
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three axis three process cnc router for wood furniture engraving

Three axis cnc wood router,also called three process cnc router,is a new progress for cnc machine.These three axises have different divisions as to the whole processing,each axis is responsible for its own job,what's more, these three axis can work at the same time,no need to wait,greatly incease the working efficiency and factory profit. If you are a furniture manufacturer,you deserve this three axis cnc wood router.
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Axis engraving cnc router for wood screen

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Three process or three axis cnc wood router features:

1.Cnc axis router wood carving router machine lathe bed welded with seamless steel tube,not easy to be deformed.

2.International advanced vacuum adsorption industrial cnc wood router table made of high adsorption bakelite plate is adopted.It can absorb materials of different areas,and features high density and non-deformation.

3.Industrial cnc wood router quality imported liner square rail and double-row four-column runner block that can provide cnc router wood carving machine high weight capacity,smooth operation,high precision and high strength are adopted.The rail provides high mechanical strength and wearing resistance to three axis cnc wood router.Three axis cnc woodworking router quality with Hiwin square rail service lifetime is 10 times higher than round rail.The imported ball screw of cnc router for wood carving is characterized by high precision and accurate positioning.

4.Breakpoint restoring function enable cnc router wood carving machine continue to work after the sudden stop,such as accident,tool breaking.

5.The highlight function is that three axis cnc router for wood carving can be switched to work,the three tools can achieve automatic tool changes,which will greatly aviod tool change troubles and improve the axis cnc wood router work efficiency.

6.Axis cnc router for wood carving quality has a wide software compatibility with processing files generated by Type3,ArtCAM,Artcut,AutoCAD,JDPaint etc.

Wood furniture made by three process three axis cnc wood router

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If you are interested in three axis three process cnc router wood carving machine,please contact us immediately.

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