small 0609 jade carving cnc router machine for decoration industry
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small 0609 jade carving cnc router machine for decoration industry

Jade is one of the most favorite decoration products for people. There are crowed with all kinds of jade with colorful appearance and unique carving designs. Dek-0609 cnc router machine is very suitable for carving jade,small size,good price.
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Excellent characteristics of 0609 small jade carving cnc router machine:

1.cnc router carving machine is welded by thick wall steel,and it is processed by high temperature tempering to ensure that the body of cnc engraving router machine has small deformation,good rigidity and high strength.

2.Cnc router carving jade machine's Y axis adopts double motor drive,to ensure smooth movement,high speed;Z axis imported from Taiwan industrial ball screw,accurate positioning,greatly improve industial cnc router machine working efficency.

3.Gear and rack transmission adopted in China Dekcel cnc engraving router machine,high precision,fast speed and great power.

4.Imported square linear guide rail for cnc router machine for jade,with high accuracy and long service life.

5.Jade engraving small cnc router with excellent mechanical and electrical design,choosing a variety of electrical accessories,to minimize the failure rate;all dustproof and waterproof design,to protect the whole table top cnc router.

6.Automatic lubrication system,only a click on the button realizing lubricating to the guide rail,blocks and so on.

7.Cnc carving router machine for jade uses import servo drivers and motors,big power,high speed,very low noise.

8.Good software compatibility,compatible with TYPE3,Artcam,JD,Thai,UG,MasterCAM,PowerMill and other CAD/CAM design software.

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We recommed you Dek-6040,Dek0609 jade carving cnc router for you

Technical parameters:

Model Dek- 6090 or Dek-6040
Working Size 600×900×100mm or 600×400×100mm
Spindle Power Water cooling1.5KW
Engraving Speed 8000mm/ Minute
XYZ Transmission XYZ Ball screw
Spindle Rotate Speed 6000--24000rpm
Motor Driver Stepper motor driver ( servo is optional)
Tool Diameter 4mm,6mm, 8mm,12mm
Machine Structure Casting Iron and Welding
XYZ Rails X,Y ,ZAxis square guide rails
Mechanical Accuracy <0.03/300mm
Control System DSP Handle with USB
Supporting Format G code or HPGL
Working Voltage AC220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
Weight 320KGS

Other applicable materials of China cheap cnc engraving router machine except jade:

Density board,wood board,composite board,polishing plate,cork,native PVC,gypsum,double color plate,aluminum plate,organic glass,acrylic,ABS,sandstone,marble,granite,artificial stone,light boxes,hard plastic,aluminum,carbon steel,stainless steel,copper etc.

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