plastic crafts made by cnc co2 cutting machine laser cutter
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plastic crafts made by cnc co2 cutting machine laser cutter

Plastic materials are crowed in our daily life, making our life more funny and pleasant, espacially these plastic little crafts. If you are a plastic crafts manufacturer, how do you make the products? Have you ever heard of cnc co2 laser cutter or cnc laser cutting machine before?
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plastic crafts cnc cutter co2 laser cutting machine.jpg

As you can see it,these little beautiful plastic crafts are made by Dekcel cnc co2 laser cutter machine.These are just some samples of plastic crafts,we have more than you can imagine.Let's start talk about cnc co2 laser cutter.

Plastic crafts co2 laser cutting machine cnc cutter.jpg

The structure is more compact and reasonable,electric performance is steady,with the fast engraving and cutting speed and the higher precision also can engrave beautiful portraits/pictures on all kinds of plastic materials surface,can also engrave diversified marked and brands,this is a cnc laser cutter machine with good performance and low price.

Using strict manufacturing processes guarantees maximum stability and minimum wear and tear of its components throughout its lifetime.With only one Dekcel cnc co2 laser machines you can create and produce unlimited projects in a wide range of industries such as sign and displays making,customization of promotional items,party supplies and fundraisings,die cutting,trophies and awards engraving,rhinestone templates,embroidery applications cutting,cutting and etching on fabric,leather and other textiles,tags and label marking,wood and acrylic cutting and etching among others.

If you are a manufacturer of the materials i just mentioned,you'd better own one cnc co2 laser cutting or engraving machine for your factory's production.You will never regret it,for this is cnc co2 laser machine will create much more profit,greatly exceeding the cost of the machine itself.

1390 plastic card crafts cnc cutter co2 laser cutting.JPG


1. If we donot know how to use the machine,can you teach us?

Yes,we will,if you come to China,we will offer you free training until you can use machine freely.And if you are busy,we will have the special engineer to your country,but you need to bear some fee,like tickets and hotel and meal.

2. How about the quality of your products?

Quality is priority.The key spare parts is imported from the most famous European suppliers with original packaging.Each machine will be tested by 24 items.After all the 24 items passed,then our technicals workers will do 48-72 hours reliability test.  

If you have any question about the machine please contact us immediately.All the staff of Dekcel cnc equipment company will be at your service.

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