mini 0609 cnc router cutting machine for small wood crafts
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mini 0609 cnc router cutting machine for small wood crafts

Small wood crafts are crowded in our daily life, serving as decoration parts,children toys,etc. To make the wooden crafts exquisite,the cnc mini 0609 wood router will be needed. This wood cutting cnc router can not only cut the wood into pieces but also engrave beauiful patterns on it.
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High quality mini small wood carving router machine for sale

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This is Dek-0609G small cheap cnc wood router,just as the Chinese old saying goes,"small as the sparrow is,it possesses all its internal organs",so as the mini cnc wood router.This small cnc router for wood has a 900*600mm T-slot aluminum profile table,vacuum table for option.1.5kw or 2.2kw water-cooling spindle,no noise,working long hours.This small cnc wood router machine adopts TBI ball screw transimission,high precision.Advanced DSP system,easy operated with the handle.Small cnc wood router for sale is compatible with Type3/Artcam/Castmate,and other CAD/CAM design software.The lathe of cnc router wood carving machine is founded by high-quality casting iron that ensures the high stability.Furthermore,this small cnc router for wood cutting is easy to move,small size,convenient to ship to your factory. 

How to maintain small0609 small cnc wood router table in summer?

 In summer,it always rains,however,the industrial cnc wood router machine cannot work in damp conditions,so don't put the wood cnc router machine in the open air environment.Secondly,pay attention to cooling the spindle,regularly change the cooling water to make sure the water temperature keep lower.Thirdly,it is not allowed to adjust the 0609 wood carving with a cnc router at rainy days.

These are thewood crafts made by cnc router cutting machine:

0609 mini cnc wood router for small crafts.jpg

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