metal and nonmetal co2 laser cutter cnc cutting machine for titanium plate/letters
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metal and nonmetal co2 laser cutter cnc cutting machine for titanium plate/letters

Titanium can be regarded as one kind of stainless steel.Owing to its bright lusters and corrosion-resistant features, titanium board is widely used for advertising industry. In this article,we will introduce a new machine with metal following head designed for cutting metal and nonmetal materials.
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This is the titanium board and words or letters made by Dek-1325cnc metal co2 laser cutter:

advertising titanium cnc cutting machine co2 laser cutter.jpg

Simple intoduction of titanium:

 Titanium plate,also known as stainless steel titanium plate,tough,corrosion-resistant,with silver color,not black,no allergies to anyone,is the most suitable jewelry material after gold,silver.Because of its bright luster,titanium plate is widely applied in advertising industry,such as titanium medals,titanium store signs,or hospital public signs etc.

These titanium board and words or letters are made by Dek-1325 cnc co2 laser cutter:

metal and nonmetal cutting machine co2 cnc laser cutter.jpg

 This cnc laser machine has a special components,it is equipped witha mechanical metal cutting following head.This cutting head always follows the material to keep the cutting point location unchanged,which insures smooth cutting section without processing again.It can adapt to flat or curved surface sheet cutting.

Mutifuctional performance of metal following head:

dynamic focus laser cutting head of 150w titanium co2 laser cutter.jpg

 With this metal following head,you can cut not only metal materials,such as stainless steel,carbon steel,copper,iron etc, but also cut nonmetal materials such as leather, fabric, cloth, textile, paper,plastic, rubber,double color board,acrylic glass,bamboo and wood,MDF,plywood,marble,granite and crystal etc.

 If you have this requirments of cutting metal and nonmetal materails both,we recommend you Dek-1390 150wcnc co2 laser cutter for wood,stainless steel and carbon steel,and,Dek-1325 China co2 laser cutting machine supplier for cutting 3mm steel,and,Co2 laser cutting machine 260w for 2mm stainless steel.

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