marble granite engraved by 1325 cnc stone router
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marble granite engraved by 1325 cnc stone router

As to stones, i am sure marble and granite are the two most familiar to you, for they are frequently used to decorate our home. How to engrave on marble or granite? And how to daily maintain cnc stone engraver? If you are confused about this, please read this little article.
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Features of cnc stone engraver:

First of all,machine bed is welded by the thick wall steel seamless tube,high temperature tempering treatment,

high rigidity,bearing strength better.Besides,big power Leadshine stepper or servo motor or imported Japanese servo motor,drives the movements of XYZ axis,XYZ axis adopts gear rack,Z axis use Taiwan ball screw transmission,and improves the working speed with high accuracy.Dual motor drive for Y-axis,moving stably and fastly.Imported Taiwan Hiwin linear square guide rails,double row four row slider,high precision,long life time.Professional CNC control system,DSPor NC studio for option can compatible with many kinds CAM,such as TYPE3/ARTCAM/UG/MASTERCAM etc.

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Application Industries of 1325 cnc marble or granite cnc carver:

Suitable for Curb&Paving Stone forming industries,Stone processing factories,Tombstone processing industries,Advertisement industries for stone art craft works,Home&Outdoor product making industries,Architectural decoration industries and so on.


Can thiscnc stone carver machine cut or engrave on wood? Such as plywood,PVC board, solid wood, Double color plate,PCB, MDF etc? 

Of course,cnc stone carver can cut and engrave on the materials just mentioned,all of them!

And to be clear,it can also cut and engrave a lot of materials as followings:

 ABS,PP,PE and other carbon mixed compounds,bamboo,acrylic,PVC,artificial stone,organic glass,plastic and soft metals such as copper,steel,aluminum plate engraving and milling process.

 In a word,it can cut and engrave almost all the metal or nonmetal materials.If you are interested in this machine,please contact us immediately.

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