high speed cheap cnc router cutting machine for acrylic price
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high speed cheap cnc router cutting machine for acrylic price

  • Dekcel CNC

High speed acrylic cnc router cutting machine

1.The bed is welded by thick wall steel tube,and it is processed by high temperature tempering to 

ensure that the small body deformation,good rigidity,and great intensity.

2.Dekcel high-speed cnc router machine series is a cnc router cutting machine with Y axis double motor 

driven,X axis and Y axis are rack and pinion drive,high precision,fast speed,high strength,Z axis TBI ball screw from Taiwan,which has a very good precision and cost-effective.

3.It adopts imported linear square rails,bearing redundancy,high precision,long service life.

4.Unique stepper drivers can precisely adjust the position of the tool point.

5.It's allowed to adjust the machining speed and tool speed dynamically during the process.

6.Material can be extended along the front and rear direction,easy processing.

7.Equipped with excellent mechanical and electrical design,selection of a variety of electrical accessories,to minimize the failure rate.

8.Equipped with water tank and automatic water cooling system of the machine tool.

The dustproof waterproof design,all-round protection parts.

9.High speed,cutting 10MM acrylic can reach 18 meters/min.Cutting 20MM acrylic is 8 meters/min.One cnc router cutter tops five other machines.

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Applications: advertising signs,industrial processing,industrial wire cutting,mold industry,woodworking furniture manufacturing,toys and gifts industry,building sand table model,decorative decoration industry,PCB production,seal industry,and so on.

Machinable material: acrylic,double color sheet,organic board,PVC board,engineering hard plastic,wood, horn, marble,crystal,copper,aluminum and synthetic metal,etc.

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