co2 laser cutting machine cnc cutter for wood photo frame
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co2 laser cutting machine cnc cutter for wood photo frame

We always want to keep youth forever, and keep our faces in others's mind, so we take photos from time to time. there are many photos in our home, so are the photo frames. If you are a photo frame designer, how do you cut wood photo frame at high speed and with good cutting edge?
  • Dekcel CNC

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This blue machine,called cnc co2 laser cutter or cnc laser cutting machine,is specially designed to cut wood photo

frames.Share a picture of wood photo frames made by our Dekcel cnc laser cutter.

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And cnc co2 laser cutter is mainly composed of five main parts:

cnc machine co2 laser parts components.jpg

1.laser tube

Dekcel cnc laser machine adopts Reci cnc laser tube,which is a very famous brand in China,and is of high quality and long service lifetime.So Reci laser tube is much popular among cnc laser machine users.What's more,it has good after-sale service.You can change a new laser tube for free within 6 months without personal damage.

2.control system

Dekcel cnc laser cutting machine use the Ruida control system,easy to learn and operate.

3.mirrors and lens

Dekcel cnc co2 laser cutter use the imported Singapore reflect mirrors and lens,which is very excellent at focusing the laser energy to cut wood photo frame of other materials.

4.cooling system

You can choose either water pump or water chiller to cool the laser tube.If the laser tube power is lower than 80 wattts,then you can choose water pump or CW3000.If the laser tube power is 130 or 150 watts, you's better choose CW5000 or CW5200.As to CW5200,it has a special function, which can keep the temperature at a regular level to ensure the laser tube can work continuesly for a long time.

5.working table

There are two kinds of working table:

One is balde table,which is designed to cut hard materials,such as wood,PVC,acrylic,foam,double-color board,etc.

Another one is honeycomb working table,which is suitable to cut soft materials,such as paper,cotton, fabric,cloth etc.

FAQ: If i want to cut both hard materials and soft materials,which kind of table should i choose?

It is simple question,if you need to cut hard and soft materials half-half,you can install double working table.

Put the honeycomb table above the blade table,if you don't need it,you can move it dowm.

If you have any interest,please contact us immediately.Dekcel cnc equipment company welcome you.

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