cnc router carving wood machine for mahogany furniture
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cnc router carving wood machine for mahogany furniture

cnc router wood engraving machine is designed for processing all kinds mahogany furniture. In this article, we will recommend the best suitable cnc router machine for wood carving according to mahogany characteristics and the regular models of wood carving cnc router to help you buy cnc router just perfect for your work.
  • Dekcel CNC

Nowadays,with the rapid development of manufacturing industry in this era,it has also been a great reform for the classical furniture manufacturing crafts,the machine instead of hand,especially wood cnc router machine in manufacturing industry is becoming much more popular.Dekcel as a wood cnc router manufacturer has made a breakthrough in the production of wood cnc routing machine for classical furniture.

As to mahogany furniture,the raw materials-wood is relatively hard,and the processing accuracy requirements to the wood cnc router machine are relatively high.So generally speaking,the production of mahogany furniture manufacturers need to buy wood cnc router with relatively large power,and wood cnc router for sale with relatively high engraving precision.So as one of the most wood cnc router suppliers,dekcel will not only provide high quality and high precision wood cnc router machine,but also provide customized service according to clients' needs,such as we specially made a wood cnc router with rotary for circular or round wood carving.

The following introduction is about a cheap wood cnc router but with excellent performance applied for mahogany furniture manufacturers:

1)Performance characteristics of wood cnc router machine for sale

1.Dek-1325 wood cnc router for sale is a unique design for mahogany classical furniture,can realize three-dimensional relief carving,fast speed,high precision,fully meet the requirements of fine carving.

2.Wood cnc router used three-axis dust-proof design,gantry-type movement,the overall body casting,durable and no deformation even for a long time.

3.Dek-1325 wood cnc router China adopts international advanced PCI controller,with memory function, can continue carving after breakpoint duing to the break of router tools and power off.

 cnc carving wood router mahogany furniture machine.png

2)How to choose the model of wood cnc router for sale?

There are many models for you to choose,such as 0609 mini hobby wood cnc router,1212 and 1224 middle sized wood cnc router machines and 1325 or 1530 large sized cnc router carving machine etc.Above this, we Dekcel can customize the machine size according to your processed materials' maximum size,make the color as you like.If you are interested in wood cnc router price or our service to the wood cnc router machine for sale,anything,please don't be shy,you can find our contacts on the home page. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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