cnc metal cutting machine for aluminum 1325 table type plasma cnc cutter
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cnc metal cutting machine for aluminum 1325 table type plasma cnc cutter

As to aluminum's small density,good ductility,sound-absorbing performance etc., aluminum is widely used in all kinds of industries. In this article, it illustrates something about aluminum's features,applications, the best suitable machine for cutting aluminum,and its main components.
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Aluminum features and applications:

  1. Aluminum has small density,only 2.7 g/cm,can be made into a variety of aluminum alloys,such as hard aluminum,super-hard aluminum,rust aluminum,cast aluminum and so on.These aluminum alloys are widely used in aircraft,automobile,train,shipbuilding and other manufacturing industries.

2. Aluminum has good ductility (its ductility just after gold and silver),under the temperature of 100 ℃-150 ℃ can be made into 0.01mm aluminum foil.These aluminum foil is widely used in packaging cigarettes,candy,etc.

3. Aluminum is also very good at reflection,reflect UV better than silver,the more pure the aluminum, the better the reflection performance,it is often used to create high-quality mirrors,such as solar cookers and so on.

4. Aluminum has excellent sound-absorbing performance,so the radio room and modern large-scale building interior ceiling also uses aluminum.

5. good performance at low temperature,aluminum's strength will be increased and without brittle,so it is ideal materials for low-temperature device,such as cold storage,freezer,hydrogen oxide production plant,etc.

Since aluminum has such good features and wide applications,then how to cut aluminum by machine?

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This is Dek-1325 table type cnc plasma cutter designed to cut all kinds of metal materials,such as aluminum,carbon steel,stainless steel,copper,iron etc.

Dekcel cnc plasma cutter main components:

  1. power supply

    We provide Domestic Huayuan power supply and imported USA Hypertherm power supply for you to choose.Both these two brands are well-know,and have good quality and excellent after-sale service,Huayuan can cut about 0.5-30mm metal,US Powermax series can cut 0.5-50mm metal,but as to the price,USA Hypertherm is much higher than Chinese one.

  2. Control system of 1325 table type cnc plasma cutter

    You can choose either Start control system or Startfire control system,both these two systems are Beijing brand,easy to learn and operate,good compatibity,support Fastcam,AutoCAD softwares.

  3. Transmission system of cnc plasma cutting

    X,Y Taiwan Hiwin high-precision,zero clearance increased linear guide+ rack;

    Z the arc voltage control;

  4. Drive system ofcnc plasma cutting metal machine

    Stepper motor (Optional Taiwan AC servo motor)

    Domestic Huayuan 0.5-30mm

    US Powermax series 0.5-50mm 

    These are the simple introduction of cnc plasma cutter,if you have any questions or interested at the is metal cnc plasma cutter,please contact us immediately.

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