cnc laser marking/engraving machine co2 laser marker for glass
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cnc laser marking/engraving machine co2 laser marker for glass

If you are a manufacturer related with glass engraving, you can choose either cnc co2 laser engraving machine or cnc co2 laser marking machine. So what's the advantages of cnc co2 laser marker over cnc laser engraving machine? Let me tell you.
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Glass is much familiar to us,like glass bottle,glass portrait,glass crafts and glass decoration products.If you are a careful oberver,you will find beautiful and exquisite patterns,letters or some graphics on the galss.Of course this is not made by hands.But how?

Advantages of co2 cnc laser marking machine:

CO2 laser marking machine is also known as a CO2 laser labeler.This high speed laser marking machine utilizes a series of advanced technologies and components,including imported American CO2 radio frequency laser,high-speed scanning lens system,high qualified optic components,stable laser electrical source and full-auto control system.As a result,Dekcel laser marker features precise,reliable and high speed performances and it can meet the demand of 24 hours mass production.Compared with ink coding,laser marking has advantages like higher security,no pollution,no consumables,low cost and simple operation,and it is suitable for the mass assembly line production.

Compared with cnc co2 laser engraving machine,cnc co2 laser marker has small size,easy to move,more safe,easy to maintain etc.

Glass cnc co2 laser marking samples show:

glass cnc laser marking machine co2 laser marker.jpg

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