cnc cutting machine oscillating knife cutter/plotter for corrugated board paper box
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cnc cutting machine oscillating knife cutter/plotter for corrugated board paper box

Corrugated board and paper box are not strange to you, but do you ever heard of oscillating knife cnc cutter or plotter? This is the new star of our Dekcel cnc equipment company. And oscillating knife cutter is the best choice for cutting paper box and corrugated board. This shor article will make a brief introduction of Dekcel digital oscillating knife cutter.
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 Basic introduction:

Oscillating Knife Cutting machine is designed to provide accurate cutting of heavier flexible and 

semi-rigid materials.Oscillating knife cnc cutting machine allows the machine to accurately cut square 

corners and maintain part accuracy.By using cnc knife cutting technology,our digital oscillating knife 

cutter has no burning and totally environmently.

 cnc corrugated paper box oscillating knife cutter.jpg

 Main compoennts of digital oscillating knife cutter

It's equipped with plotting pen,oscillating cutting tool system,creasing wheel,and drag knife tool to 

meet customers'different requirements.

1)The heavy duty drag knife tool is available for special materials of the sign making industry.

2)A group of creasing wheels available for creating folding line on corrugated board with different thickness. 

3)Powerful vacuum system makes it possible to hold small piece of material. 

4)Compatible with different CAD software such as AI,CorelDRAW,AutoCAD etc.

5)Strong saving space can save 2G cutting material information and cutting pattern files.Off-line operation can be realized.

6)LED touch screen,multi-language man-machine interface.Operating instructions can be read directly.

7)Safety.Special safety sensory device meets the European standard.

corrugated board oscillating knife cutting machine.jpg

Speaking back to the corrugated board made by cnc oscillating knife cutter,this is a cutting corrugated board paper box technical parameter chart:

CNC oscillating knife cutter Machine Creasing wheel

1. 3mm creasing wheel

Creasing thickness:Between 3mm and 5mm corrugated board. 

2. 5mm creasing wheel

Creasing thickness:Between 5mm and 7mm corrugated board. 

3. 7mm creasing wheel

Creasing thickness:Between 7mm and 10mm corrugated board. 

4. 2mm creasing wheel

Creasing thickness:Within 2mm,such as corrugated board,paper board,kraft paper,grey board,offset board 

and compound materials etc. 

parts of cnc digital oscillating knife cutter.jpg

FAQ:What else materials can cnc digital oscillating knife cut machine? 

Foam,PVC,styrene,coroplast,celtec,magnetic film,adhesive vinyl,leather,rubber,fabrics,high intensity reflective films,paper,cardboard,polystyrene,magnetic films,vinyl,etc.

 Thanks for your time.

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