cnc cutting machine co2 laser cutter for foam shoes/slippers
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cnc cutting machine co2 laser cutter for foam shoes/slippers

Foam maybe is not familiar to you, but when summer is coming, you are possible wearing a pair of slippers or other shoesmad eof foam. How to make these beautiful slippers? Dekcel cnc co2 laser cutter is a cnc machine designed for cutting foam materials.
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 1.How to decide the laser tube power?

These are the foam slippers cut by Dekcel cnc co2 laser cutter.The cnc laser cutter can cut foam of different thickness,which is mainly dependent on the laser tube power.Usually,the bigger laser tube power,the thicker the foam you can cut.For instance,if the foam is 10mm,then 80w laser tube is enough.If you want to cut 15mm foam, then you'd better choose 100w laser tube.

 2.How to choose working table?

As for foam materials,Dekcel recommend you blade working table,which is designed to cut hard materials.As for the table size,it is decided by the foam plate before cutting.If the maximum size is 1200mm*80mm,then we suggeest Dek-1390(1300mm*900mm).

foam slippers cnc cutter co2 laser.png

 3.How to choose the best quality cnc laser cutter?

All you need to do is look at the configuration of cnc cutter co2 laser machinecarefully and ask about the after-sale service,not just take the lower-price into consideration.If you just want to buy cnc laser machine of the lowest price,i am afraid you need a long long way to go.In china,some cnc laser machine manufactures sell foreigner clients cnc laser machine with a vey low price,but not provide any service when the clients get any problems.

Dekcel cnc equipment company has won good reputations among all the foreigner partners for the good-quality machines and excellent after-sale service.Welcome to China to be our guests,and looking forward to cooperate with you. 

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