cnc cutting engraving machine co2 laser cutter for rubber plates or bracelet
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cnc cutting engraving machine co2 laser cutter for rubber plates or bracelet

Rubber is a kind of material, a little bit harder,easy to operate and have a wide application in our daily life. As for rubber products, do you know how to not only cut but also engrave on rubber materials? All you need is only one machine,called Dekcel cnc laser cutter and engraver or co2 cnc laser cutting and engraving machine.
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I believe you are much familiar with rubber,for some rubber clothes,rubber bracelets and rubber mats are crowed in our daily life.As you can see it,some rubber products only need to cut,but other may also in need of engraving some patterns or letters on the rubber surface.Then how to produce all these kind of rubber productions?

Dekcel cnc co2 laser cutter or engraver is the best suitable machine,for it makes use of powerful laser beam to cut or engrave on materials.

1. cnc co2 laser engraving matters:

If the laser tube power is 60w,only using more than 36w,normally the cnc co2 laser machine can realize 2mm engraving depth,300-400mm/s.

2.cnc co2 laser cutting parameters:

If cut 2mm rubber,40w laser tube is enough.

If cut 4mm,then 60w is oaky.

If cut 7mm,8mm,9mm,10mm rubber,the laser tube power is 80w,100w,130w,150w respectively.

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3. cnc co2 laser cutter working table type and size:

 As you know,rubber is a little harder,so you'd better choose blade working table rather than the honeycomb table.

About the working table size,if your rubber plate before cutting is 800mm*500mm,we recommend you Dek-9060 with length900mm,width 600mm table size.

4. Custormized service:

We Dekcel has many working table size for you to choose,such as Dek-5030,Dek-6040,Dek-9060,Dek-1390,Dek-1490,Dek-1610,Dek-1812,Dek-1325,Dek-1530etc.

In order to cater to our dear clients' different needs,Dekcel cnc equipment company provide customized service.As long as you tell us your needs for the machine,we will try our best to make it.Your satisfaction is our ambition.

Thanks for your time.


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