cheap cnc router aluminum cutting machine with good price and excellent performance
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cheap cnc router aluminum cutting machine with good price and excellent performance

How to cut aluminum? In this article, i will illustrate how to choose aluminum cutting machine,the comparisons between the two types machines, performance characteristics of Dekcel cnc aluminum cutting machine. Hope this article is worthy of your time.
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 Speaking of aluminum cutting machine,cnc cutting machine is widely used in some aluminum profile industries and has brought great benefits to our customers.

How to choose cnc aluminum cutting machine?

 Of course,different devices are certainly of different quality.Some customers believe that the high-quality aluminum cnc cutting machine can use a long time,and later do not need frequent maintenance,the customer would rather spend a little more money pay for it.However,some customers prefer cheap equipment,but such equipment is prone to have some problems and the cost of later maintenance is very large.

 We Dekcel cnc equipment company only provide aluminum cnc cutter with high quality,won't supply low-price poor-quality cnc machines.

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The comparison between two types ofaluminum cutting machine:

At present,aluminum cutting machine can be divided into two kinds,one is manual cutting machine,and the other is semi-automatic aluminum cutting machine.Compared with the latter,the manual cutting machine's cutting effect is not very ideal,the accuracy is poor,only suitable for meeting the lower cutting requirements of some aluminum industries.Using the international standard instruction,cnc aluminum cnc router cutting machine can connect to any CAD/CAM software,easily complete the three-dimensional processing computer design,precision is higher than 0.02 mm.The cutting amount is very large,and the accuracy reaches the optimum state,and the fully automatic workflow is realized.

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Performance characteristics of Dekcel aluminum cutting machine cnc router:

 1.high speed,high efficiency: running speed up to 20 meters per minute,cutting 3MM aluminum plate speed can reach 1.5M/min - 4M/min

 2.high power: cutting and drilling can reach 3---8MM aluminum plate,smooth cutting edge,without burrs, no deformation.

 3.high precision: computer control,it can achieve accurate positioning even for small objects.

 4.good stability: cnc router cutting machine can work 24 hours a day without interruption,can also be processed at any time,stop at any time,low waste rate.

 5.excellent components: adopt Taiwan high temperature tempering gear drive,imported linear guide rail,choose excellent stepping system,imported bearings.

 6.reasonable design: advanced gear rack transmission,high speed,big power.

 7.good software compatibility: compatible Type3/Artcam/castmate and other CAD/CAM design and production software.

 8.perfect performance: it has the breakpoint functions,power failure restoration,processing time prediction and so on.

 Aluminium plate numerical control cutting machine - user-friendly design,has meet the personalized demand of all the customers,is an ideal choice for your esteemed company's production.

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