cheap cnc co2 laser cutter machine for MDF sale
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cheap cnc co2 laser cutter machine for MDF sale

cnc co2 laser cutter can cut MDF into any shapes by the powerful laser beam. Here are a 5mm MDF wood samples made by cnc laser cutter machine. In this article i will illustrate how to cut MDF in details,how to choose a best cnc laser cutting machine. Hope this is helpful.
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   Cnc co2 laser cutter machine is one of the most advanced laser machines,can be applied in a lot of materials,such as MDF,acrylic,plywood,foam,eva, PE,PVC,double-color plate,cloth,fabric,etc. Cheap cnc laser cutter has won people's love all over the world,not only for cnc laser cutting machine's good working performance,but also for industrial cnc laser cutter's low price. Cheap laser cutter machine's cost outweighs the profit brought for you in near future. 

How to cut MDF by good price cnc laser cutter machine?

First of all, make the tool path by the software,output the patterns going to be cutted by cnc co2 laser machine, insert the data into a USB, then insert the USB into the DSP controler of industrial cnc laser cutter price. After the data is read by DSP control system, it's your time to set the cutting speed,and then start to cut MDF by co2 laser cnc cutting machine. 

How to choose cheap cnc co2 laser cutter?

First of all, the most important part is to choose suitable laser tube power for the co2 cutting laser machine. If the laser tube power is 40w,60w, you can cut 2 or 4mm MDF; if you want to cut 7mm MDF by cnc laser cutter for sale,Reci 80w is suggested. If cut no more than 9mm,Reci 100w; if use laser cutting cnc machine cut lower than 13mm, Reci 130w would be the best choice. Reci 150w cnc laser cutter can cut 20mm MDF.

How to choose best cnc laser machine working table or working table size?

   For cutting hard materials such as MDF,wood,foam etc, cnc laser cutter with a blade table or knife table is recommended,if cutting soft materials,honeycomb table cnc co2 laser cutter would be suitable.

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    Normally we Dekcel cnc laser cutting machine has these sizes for you to consider: Dek-6040 cnc laser paper cutter,Dek-9060 co2 laser cutting wood machine,Dek-1290 laser cutting foam machine for sale, Dek-1390 best price laser cutter machine,Dek-1610laser fabric cutter for sale,Dek-1325 laser cutting metal machine,etc.

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