Wooden box engraved by customized cnc wood router
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Wooden box engraved by customized cnc wood router

The cnc wood router machine can engrave various materials,such as wood, aluminum board, plastic, density board, MDF board, wave board, PVC, acrylic,crystal,light marble and other nonmetal materials and light metal material.
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Wooden box engraved by customized cnc wood router

Choosing a suitable cnc router China wood carving for your woks is important. Cnc router wood carving for your business can engrave woodenbox like those.

The samples of cnc router wood carving machine

 wood box cnc engraver machine.jpg

The features of cnc router for wooden box engraved by good cnc router wood engraving quality

1.High precision, large load bearing and stable running.

2.High power spindle with good rigidity not only demonstrates superior performance in woodworking application, but also is good to engrave and cut on copper, aluminum, iron and other metals.

3.Imported rack and gear transportation system largely improve the speed of the machine .

4.Imported linear square rails, big loading capacity, smooth operation result in higher precision and longer life.

5. The cnc wood router for wooden box is equipped with Typ3/Artcam/Castmate / Wentai, and other CAD / CAM design software

Cnc router wood engraving machine of Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Co., Ltd provide cnc machine for cnc router wood engraving doors. The cnc router wood engraving installation is finished when we shipped. And our company also offer cnc router wood engraving instrucyions. 

If you are interested in cnc wood engraving machine engraver cutter router or have any questions, please contact Jinan Dekcel CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. Your problems will get prompt attention.

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