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The true four axis wood cnc router for engraving cylinder and Shoe mold
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The true four axis wood cnc router for engraving cylinder and Shoe mold

Ji'nan Dekcel CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. provides four axis three-dimensional engraving machine. But could distinguish what the true four axis cnc router is and what the fake four axis cnc router is? the following passage will give you the answer.
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The true 4 axis wood cnc router for engraving  cylinder and Shoe mold

 wood cnc four axis router for engraving wood sculpture.jpg

Ji'nan Dekcel CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. provides 4 axis three-dimensional engraving machine. First of all, users are expected to understand what the three-dimensional 4 axis cnc wood router is. Generally speaking, when a rotary device euipped with normal cnc router for wood, we will consider it as the 4 axis wood cnc router. For example, when users use wood cnc woodworking router to carve a wood cylinder, the 4 axis will be needed. But actually it is still the normal three axis. Why? Because here we see the rotary device as the fourth axis. 

Then, we need to know what the true 4 axis wood cnc router is, which actually refers to X, Y, Z, A four axis. These four axis of cnc wood router can move at the same time and can rotate by 180° to engrave or carve a Buddha on a wood cylinder without rotary device.

Therefore, there are two types of 4 axis cnc router for wood cylinder engraving. One is normal wood cnc router with a rotary device, the other is the relative high-end one--the true four axis wood cnc couter without rotary. Normally, when it comes to the usual embossed cylinder engraving, the first one is good enough. But as for the cylinder 3D engraving process, the true 4 axis cnc woodworking router will be needed, which will adopt the professional four axis control system and tool path.

The control system of 4 axis cnc router for wood:

1) genuine Weihong four axis control system (74A/85A)( Most expensive)

2) Beijing Tianhong DSP Reiz (A18) four axis control system

3) Mach3 four axis linkage control system.

Jinan dekcel cnc company specialize in the normal cnc router for wood with rotary and true four axis cnc engraving wood router and Foam cnc engraving & router machine 4 axis.

Hope this article will help you. If you have any questions about axis cnc wood router price and axis cnc wood router quality, please contact us as soon as possible. Jinan Dekcel Cnc Euipment Co., Ltd will always be there for you.

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