TCT Straight Bit for cutting Wood, Acrylic
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TCT Straight Bit for cutting Wood, Acrylic

TCT Straight Bit for Smooth Cutting Wood, Acrylic/ Woodworking Router Bit/ Wooden Tools
  • 6X22mm


  • 029

  • Carbide

  • End Mill

  • 6mm

  • MDF, plywood, chipboard, solid wood, softwood

1. Applications
 Precision 2D engraving cutting job, side beveling work.

2. Special Advantages
(1) TCT Straight Bit has very good concentricity, sharp cutting edge;
(2) Smooth & fast finishing working, long lifetime, good chip removal;
(3) Widely applied in woodworking cnc router, advertising cnc carver, wood cutting machine equipments etc.

3. Specification / Available Sizes
(1) Type: TCT Straight Bit is woodworking Cnc router bit
(2) Tools Series: 6X22mm Needle Nose Engraving Cutting Bits
(3) Material: Tungsten carbide
(4) Condition: Brand-New and High Quality
(5) Package: 10Pieces/Set in one Box

4. TCT Straight Bit Suitable Materials
Wood:  MDF, plywood, chipboard, solid wood, softwood,etc. several kinds of wood materials;
Stone:  artificial stone, soft stone;
Others: acrylic, PVC, etc.

End Mills are consumables so its span depends on what materials you use it on and how you operate it.
Because of the differences between batches, plz contact us first if there are any problems regarding to size & quality.  
TCT Straight Bit 5mm

TCT Straight Bit 5.5mm

TCT Straight Bit 6mm

TCT Straight Bit

TCT Straight Bit 4mm


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