MDF wood coasters made by cnc co2 laser cutter
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MDF wood coasters made by cnc co2 laser cutter

Everyone drinks either water, tea,wine,beer or coca cola etc at home,office or coffee shop. in order to protect the table and avoid leaving unexpected marks on the furniture, people created MDF wood coasters. Then do you know how to create wood coasters, except by hands?
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 wood coaster cnc cutter engraver co2 laser cutting.jpg

wood cutting cnc laser machine features:

1) Materials can extend through the front and rear doors to allow for a larger work product.

2) Following LED Work light to help see products during cnc laser for wood cutting whole processing.

3)Taiwan Ball screw transmission of laser cutting cnc co2 machine can ensure high precision.

4)Ruida control system,easy to learn and operate.

5) Red-Dot pointer to help you see the expected laser beam position.

6)Reci laser tube,a famous brand in China,has excellent after-sale service.

7) AutoFocus touch sensor to easily set the right height for best engraving and cutting.

 co2 laser for wood cutting MDF coaster samples show:

wood coaster cnc cutting co2 laser engraving.jpg

 co2 laser machine for cutting wood advantages:

 Dekcel wood cutting cnc laser machine has many advantages in wood coasters processing industry,such as smooth cutting edges,free from polishing,less noise,less dust,faster processing speed,higher precision,less waste and higher efficiency.It is the best option for upgrading traditional equipments in various industries.

If you have any interest in co2 laser cutting machine for wood,please contact us immediately.


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